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Calm After the Storm

Last night was our first night back to normal after what seems like a week of entertaining. My parents left yesterday while Randy and I were at work. So I got home last night to no dog, not parents. Just a quiet house screaming “enjoy me.” And I really did just that. I bailed out […]

Fiesty Old Men

Last weekend my parents came up to visit for the first time in years. We celebrated Easter at Randy’s and my house and my parents returned home on Sunday afternoon. Three days later my parents (and Dusty) were back again. This time, they came up so I could take them to a local hospital to […]

Whining Helps!

Contrary to popular belief, whining can actually get you somewhere. After more-or-less searching independently for airfares to Europe for the past week or two, I kvetched in my blog about my bad luck. With hours of the post, I got text messages, emails, and phonecalls from friends…and even Randy found a possibly flight option. I’m […]


I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve seemed to have caught the travel bug. Ever since breaking up with Matt (in 2004), I’ve begun traveling fairly regularly. For the first year, it was mostly domestic (New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, Provincetown, Philadelphia, Washington DC). Then I visited Paris in 2005. Since then, it seems I’ve been on […]

It’s All About the Food

Easter is one of those holidays I just don’t get. I’ve got religious friends who find Easter to be the most important holiday of the year – even moreso than Christmas. Yet for the majority of people I know, Easter is not a holiday you look forward to. There is no music, there is no […]

Feeling Violated

Last night I stored the scooter in the garage since it was supposed to be so cold and windy today (not much fun scootering about with 40 mile per hour winds and a windchill hovering in the low teens). However, when Randy and I prepared to leave this morning, we noticed some peculiar things: First, […]

What’s New, Buenos Aires?

Everything started out OK this morning. Didn’t stub my toe walking to the bathroom. Didn’t get soap in my eyes during my shower. Didn’t spill my Go! Lean Crunch cereal. But then Randy suggested I take the scooter to work today since the rain was supposed to stop this morning. Until I get more practice […]

This and That

I made it home from work alive yesterday. I also cleared out some space in the back of the garage for the scooter (since it’s raining/snowing today and tomorrow). I’m wondering if there are some mechanical issues with it, though, since it did stall once on my way home from work yesterday. Of course, it […]

It’s an Adjustment

My morning commute has officially changed. This was the first morning I rode to work in the scooter. All in all, things went fine. I was able to leave a little bit later than normal and still arrived at work at the normal time. Of course, it wasn’t without it’s issues: 1 – I discovered […]

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

A very good thing happened on Friday; frequent flyer miles became available for a better flight to Puerto Vallarta (18 days and counting). When we booked the tickets a month or so ago, we did what we normally do: buy one ticket, use frequent flyer miles for the second ticket, then split the cost. Unfortunately, […]