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It’s Like Being 6 All Over Again

Don’t ask me how, but I’ve managed to develop an ear infection. Isn’t that a bug only kids get? Leave it to me to develop one…and I’ve not even¬†been in the presence of children in months.¬† Randy returned from his trip to Austin last night. Something, probably the snow, delayed his flight so he didn’t […]

Return to Normalcy

I’m really craving a return to normalcy in my life. First we have the snow. Oh, the snow. I was excited about the first storm. I do love a nice storm and the 18.5 inches we got in Arlington made for some pretty sights. But then it remained cold and it didn’t melt. And two […]

Half Way There

There are so many things in my life right now that are partially complete: 1 – My cold. I think the worst of it is over. It’s been a full week and a half since my first sniffle. I generally feel better, but i’m surprised at the amount of phlegm that still, um, dislodges itself […]

A New Year Rant

Oh dear – my blog is off to a stellar start this year. First I dont’ blog until the 7th day, and now when I do it’s to bitch about something. I really don’t have an excuse for not blogging. After Christmas and the day after the blizzard, Randy and I drove down to New […]