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Life Imitating Art

One of my favorite all-time movies is Hedwig and the Angry Inch. You probably know it’s just an old fashioned love story about a German boy falling in love with an American GI, then having a sex change operation so he can move to the United States with the guy and live happily ever after…except […]

A Happy Day

Despite the gloomy weather,  today is a very good day. First – I’m feeling relieved because we finally got all of the stuff out of Regina’s condo yesterday. The cleaners are coming on Saturday and the first open house will take place on Sunday. The worst of the work is over. (yay) Second – I […]

The Smell of Grass and Ignorance

Somebody was mowing a lawn as I was walking to work this morning. I couldn’t hear it because I had my Discman on (grooving to late 70’s/early 80’s Cars songs), but I could smell it a block away. Ah, the smell. I’ve always loved the smell of a lawn being mowed. But that got me […]

Leave it to Matt

So, on Friday night Matt and I went to see the Interpreter (with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn). It was okay…but we hated the ending (and, truth be told, we still didn’t understand the certain parts of the complicated plot). But when we got back to my apartment, Matt had me watch the strangest, most […]

Spring Cleaning

Brad (friend/co-worker) and I went to Regina’s condo yesterday to meet with the real estate broker I plan to use in selling it. She’s actually the same person Regina used when she bought the place so she’s familiar with the building and the neighborhood. She’s quite a character (in a good way) so this should […]

The Sounds of Provincetown

I’m sure most people’s memories of Ptown sounds are ocean waves and seagulls (or quite possibly drag queens and orgasms). I never really thought about it before but it hit me this morning. The temperature in Boston today is very summer-like (already in the mid-70’s by 10AM) and although not humid, the sunny skies feel […]

A Sign of the Times

So a man in Rhode Island stabs and 87 year old lady and gets brought into a police station for questioning. While being interrogated, the man grabs an officer’s gun, murders him, then smashes himself through a glass window and falls 3 stories to the ground where he’s eventually caught by police. Let’s re-cap: stabs […]

A Weekend Too Beautiful for Words…So I Took Pictures!

…and then got too lazy to download them so you’ll just have to trust me on that one. But it really ended up being a nice weekend. Friday was the memorial for my friend, Regina. I went into the office in the morning, but most of my day was focused on the memorial preparations. The […]

Welcome to Southern Nebraska (if you’re male, white and straight)

Not that I was ever planning on going to Nebraska…but an article in today’s Boston Globe comparing the Catholic church in Boston to the Catholic church Lincoln, Nebraska was pretty scary. I always thought of the Boston church as being ultra-conservative. I mean, they were the biggest protestors in the gay marriage debates and stick […]

GWM, 5’11”, 171 lbs

No, I’m not placing a personals ad. But those are my official height and weight as of my physical exam this morning. I’m 9 pounds lighter than I was a year ago…and about 6 pounds lighter than the year before that (my peak was a few years ago at 196 pounds). WOO HOO! Now if […]