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Aren’t They Abundant Yet?

I have fond memories of climbing up and down sand dunes as a kid. At the time, they felt like mini-mountains to me, offering spectacular views of the ocean, but even more fun when you were in the middle of the dunes and surrounded by sand in every direction with no way of telling which […]

It’s All About the Food

Yet I’ve neglected to take a single photograph of any of it. On Sunday, our friend, Ben arrived for a business trip so we met up with him at his hotel (the Taj…beautiful room overlooking the Public Garden and skyline), then walked over to Davio’s for some grub. Then I got together with a friend […]

What a Difference Four Days Make

Up until now, we’d been blessed with a rather sunny summer. Granted, July was hotter and more humid than I would have liked (resulting in an electric bill $80 more than normal), but generally we’ve had nearly non-stop sunshine all summer. Which is why I rather welcomed some gloominess approaching on Saturday afternoon, and some […]

Why Don’t They Just Listen to Me?

Yesterday I received something in the mail from Harvard’s flexible splending plan administrator describing some changes that will take effect next year. Primarily, over-the-counter medications (such as aspirin, cough medicine, and allergy-relief pills) will no longer be covered as a result of the health care overhaul implemented by, as FoxNews would say, “the democrats.” Now, […]

Timing is Everything

…and I’ve got horrible timing. I’ve experienced a few very minor earthquakes in my time (once as a child my brother and I felt something on the Cape, and when I lived in San Francisco I felt a small rumble one night while brushing my teeth). Very minor stuff, though. Now, I don’t want another […]

Now THAT is a True Adventure in Gastronomy

With Randy out getting liquored up wine-tasting in California, I invited the usual gang of friends over Friday night for what I had expected to be take-out food, board games, and wine. Only two different have previous engagement so they arrived around 7:30 and we brain-stormed what to do for dinner. Being the spontaneous lot […]

Could Have Just Been a Day

A week and two days? Seriously? It’s been that long since I’ve posted? It truly does feel like I just blogged. Anyway, Mrs. Randy’s visit was a complete success. During the day on Monday and Tuesday, instead of exploring the area, she decided to clean our house from top to bottom. I’ve never seen the […]

In-House In-Laws

Randy’s mother (who I affectionally call Mrs. Randy) arrived bright and early Saturday morning. Poor thing, her flight departed Roanoke, VA, at about 6AM. She arrived in Boston at 9:40AM, and we pretty much kept her busy straight through until today (Monday). After giving her a quick tour of our home (which she loved…yay) we […]