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Ice, Ice, Baby!

I got home from class last night and my apartment was freezing. Checking the little thermometer I have in my bedroom I was startled to discover that the temperature inside my little home was 47.2 degrees. 47.2 degrees! Needless to say, I turned the heat on. In my defense, I really hadn’t been home since […]

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough…

…shopping, that is. Well, I headed down to the Cape on Friday night, as planned. But when I got there my parents said they decided against going to Newport, Rhode Island, because they anticipated snow on Saturday. Instead, I told them I needed a pair of jeans and that I wanted to go to “the […]

What’s the Big Idea?

A skyscraper, that’s what! I know I’m a bit late in throwing my 2-cents in on this subject considering it was announced a week ago…but I’m thrilled that Boston’s mayor is selling off a nasty two-floor parking garage in downtown Boston and opening it up for bidding to build Boston’s tallest skyscraper (70 – 80 […]

OH – And One More Thing!

It’s Half-Nekkid Thursday. To be honest, I still don’t completely understand this concept, but I’ve been seeing it a lot on blogs lately so I feel obligated to participate. Apparently, you’re supposed to post pictures of some part of your flesh on your blog on Thursdays. Don’t ask me why. And, yes, I would jump of a […]

I’m a Contradiction in Vulnerability

I’m realizing more and more each and every day why I need therapy. Yeah, yeah, yeah – I’ve got self-esteem issues. So what? I’ve got minor social anxiety, too. Nothing new there. I could have told you those things 20 years ago. But I’m realizing that even after acknowledging mistakes I made in my 10-year relationship with Matt […]

The Difference Between Boys and Girls is Not Just What’s Between Their Legs

Wow – what an interested set of comments (and emails) I received after yesterday’s post. Although most of the comments that appeared in my comments section were geared toward the fact that I looked old, angry, sad or like a Calvin Klein model in my photo ID’s (more on that later), I received an unbelievable number of personal […]

Allow Me To Identify Myself

I think I was violated this past weekend. You see, everything started innocently enough on Friday night when I got together with my friend, Fernando, for dinner and movies. After preparing a yummy chicken dish with prosciutto, cheese and assorted veggies, we watched “Girls Will Be Girls” on DVD. I originally saw this before it […]

In Case You Doubted Me, Here’s the Proof…

…that I am total white trash. It’s funny, I begged Jason not to blog about this or to tell anybody about this, but I’m going to confront my shame and discuss it here openly. It’ll be cathartic. I had Jason come over last night for our fairly regular Thursday evening Rummy playing. Being lazy, and […]

It’s a Sunshine Day

The Brady’s sang it best. Today is definitely a sunshine day. It’s mid-February in Boston…and it’s going to be sunny and in the 50’s for the second day in a row. Of course, we’re all going to live to regret it when the temperature drops 30+ degrees tomorrow with 60 mile per hour winds. But let’s […]

Dealing with VD

No! I’m not talking about a venereal disease (My Tracy’s a clean teen). I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. Yep – I survived the day mostly unscathed even though it was the first Valentine’s Day in 11 years that I didn’t have a “valentine”. No flowers. No candy. No dinner. No card. No kiss. Not even […]