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Over the River and Through the Woods*

I do love this time of year. Between Labor day (September) and President’s Day (February) it’s like a non-stop parade of holidays and shortened work weeks (Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanskgiving Day, Christmas, New Years, MLK Jr. Day, President’s Day). Plus, with the office shutting down the week between Christmas […]

What Will Santa Claus Say?*

What do you write when you have nothing to say? UGH – I need a life.   *Yep, that’s an actual Christmas song, performed by Louis Prima.

Christmas in Jail*

OH OH – some major drama is ensuing. As I’ve mentioned before, a very dear friend of mine died of breast cancer nearly 4 years ago. Just before her death, she married a prisoner and left all of her money in a trust so that he could use the money to pay attorney fees to […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

HMM – maybe I should title each blog posting between now and the holidays with a Christmas song title (or lycric)? Let’s see how creative I can be…especially since I prefer my title having some sort of relationship with what I’m writing about. This January weather in mid-November is not making me happy. I’m not […]

In the Spirit

I’m not a gloater*, so I’ll just provide two sentences describing Scrabble night yesterday. Here goes: We played two games and I won both. I also managed to get the highest score for a single word that I’ve ever gotten; using 4 letters I spelled “quiz”, with the “q” on a double-letter, the “z” on a […]

Rugged My Ass

I received an email this morning from Banana Republic advertising various clothing and accessory products for sale (though, surprisingly none of the items were on sale). The focus of the add was on “love” and the holidays” so they showed various photos with a love theme (love to get cozy, love a sweater with style, etc…). […]

Friends and Family

The Gap brands (the Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy) had a promotion this weekend which didn’t make much sense to me. Back in the 90’s, my room mate worked at the gap and they offered friends and family weekends periodically. It was very strict: only a certain number of family members and/or friends were allowed […]

Family Secrets

My family is pretty open. As a teen, I would try and spark debates around the kitchen table by asking their opinions on homosexuality, interracial marriage, abortion, capial punishment, politics, etc… Even today, I’ve always believed that my parents have been pretty open with me about their medical issues now that they’re both approaching 80. […]


One of the many perks of working in academia is that you get loads of holidays.  Yesterday, Veteran’s Day, was one of them. While everybody else I knew was working, I got to get up late and enjoy the day. Of course, I didn’t do much during ‘working’ hours to enjoy it. My plan was […]

Welcome to My Nightmare

Randy’s home! After 12 days in Asia, he’s finally back. There were delays with his return flight so instead of a 25 hour flight back from Singapore it was closer to 26 (ugh). But I picked him up from the airport around 10PM on Saturday night and all is good again. Yay. Of course, now he’s […]