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Dream a Little Dream of Weed

Is it possible to get high through osmosis? Here’s the story: Randy had a tooth pulled yesterday. The doctor prescribed him Percocet for the pain. I spent the night with him to aid him in his time of need (did laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned dishes, etc…). He took his first Percocet around 8PM and within […]

Observations of a Morning Commuter

A few years ago I included a photographic journal of my daily commute (showing my neighborhood, North Station, and the walk down Massachusetts Avenue from Porter Square to Harvard). The path of my commute hasn’t changed over the past three years but the scenery sure has changed. For one thing, my photos showed the remains […]

So Sad to Say Good Bye

Randy came over after work last night. The original plan was to continue the on-going project of converting my Dad’s record albums (yep, vinyl) into MP3 files (his belated Father’s day/upcoming wedding anniversary present). While the albums were recording, I also planned to begin packing/tossing knick-knacks. As you probably already know, I’m moving in with […]

Payback’s a Bitch

I got together with my friend, Deano, last night. He came to the North End with the intention of hanging out and eating dinner. But over dinner he mentioned his competitive nature with games such as Scrabble. Big mistake! I snarfed down the rest of my meal as fast as I could and we rushed […]

Feast Your Eyes on This!

Sigh. Tonight will end the Feast season in Boston’s North End. The St. Anthony’s Feast, the biggest of them all, technically ended last night. St. Lucy’s feast ends tonight at 11PM. And that’s it until next year. Last night, the procession (basically a tiny marching band, a statue of St. Anthony being carried on the […]

Eat, Drink, and be Mary!

This weekend is the last weekend of the North End Feasts until next year. It saddens me to realize that this will be the last feast in which I’ll actually live in the neighborhood. This really has been the best neighborhood I’ve ever lived in. Safe, convenient, quiet, and loaded with old-world charm. Yeah, the […]

How Did it Happen So Fast?

In between converting my father’s old record albums into mp3 files (yep…he still uses those black, circular vinyl things), I’ve begun the process of weeding out the stuff I don’t need before my move. My previous condo was 1,200 square feet. I downsized to 500 square feet just under three years ago. With a space […]

A Quick Walk-Through

I got together with Randy last night for the usual (dinner and TV). We’re catching up on episodes of Big Love (the Mormon polygamy show on HBO). It’s interesing…and Margie, the youngest of three wives, is totally hot! I can’t believe I’m saying that about, gasp, a female. But it’s true – she’s adorable. Anyway, […]

You Mess with the Bulls and You Get the Horns

So Citibank just charged me an annual fee for my credit card. I had this card with them back in the 90’s but canceled it when they began offering their “Thank You” rewards card. When they asked why I canceled the card, I told them it was because the other card offered no annual fee. […]

They’s the Sweetest Bunch o’ Rednecks Y’all Ever Did See!

Despite my fears of heat and humidity, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during my little trip south this past weekend. Randy and I flew down at 4:51PM on Thursday night (Boston to Dulles, DC). We then drove an additional 3.5 hours south and west to reach Roanoke, VA just before midnight. The last 2 hours of […]