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Under Pressue (ding ding ding dee dee ding ding)

I don’t really have anything to say. However, there are a few people who email me or comment (in person) whenever I don’t blog so I’m compelled to write something (why these people refuse to ever comment on the actual blog is beyond me). Anyway, I’m posting…but with no redeemable content. That said, here are […]

A Not So Beachy Beach Day

My parents came up on Friday night so Randy, Chris, Pete, my parents, and I all had a BBQ at our place and then played cards. By the time all was said in down (after midnight) we were all beat and fell quickly to sleep. Dusty woke us all up bright and early in the […]

So Trashy

I’m not sure what was going on this morning, but for nearly my entire commute (through Somerville and Cambridge) it seemed that today must be the world’s garbage pick-up day. I don’t recall noticing trash bags out on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up, nor was I stuck behind garbage trucks for the whole […]

Lazy S.O.B.

Today was the first day since April that I didn’t use my scooter to get to work as a result of the weather. I did take public transit once – the day I was flying out to Paris. Otherwise, I’ve managed to get to and from work between any showers on all but one day […]

Not What I Expected

I always associate humidity with heat (and misery). But one thing I’ve noticed since getting the scooter is that it can also mean brrrrrrrrrr! If it’s humid and in the 60’s, a ride on the scooter in shorts and a t-shirt can be a most unpleasant experience. I suppose it makes sense that a 30 […]

San Francisco, Part II

I’m home…and I’m glad to be home. We had a good time in San Francisco this time around. Having lived there before (and having visited 3 other times), I’ve pretty much seen and done most of what there is to do. But I did explore a few places for the first time (Alta Plaza Park […]

San Francisco, Part I

I can’t believe my trip is over half complete and this is my first time blogging. Things have been going great. The weather has been typical San Francisco summer: foggy in the morning, fog breaking around mid-day, fog rolling back in later in the afternoon. Temperatures have been almost the same day and night. We […]


I’ve finished packing. WOO HOO! After the fiasco last year (where Randy’s luggage didn’t appear for a few days), we’ve gotten smart and now mix our clothes in each other’s luggage so that if one suitcase gets lost we still have clothes to wear. Poor Randy, though. Since he’s got business to conduct, in addition […]

On Being Avuncular

Am I? I sometimes wonder. I’ve got a niece and a nephew of my own who I love and support as an uncle should. But by the same token, I like the fact that as an uncle I get to hand them back to their parents at the end of the day. Kids typically are […]

Here We Go Again

It seems as though I’d just unpacked from our last trip (we returned less than 36 hours ago) and I’m already packing for the next (we leave in just over 48 hours). This time, we’re going to San Francisco. The good thing is that summer weather in San Francisco is fairly predictable: no rain. The […]