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A Quick Note From Prague

Hey, all! Things are going well in Europe. I’ve not yet suffienciently gotten on Randy’s nerves yet…and he’s avoided getting on mine. The weather in London was pure crap. The first day was nice, but it rained Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Ugh. We did manage to get to loads of places, though: Royal Observatory, […]

Girl, Don’t Go Away Mad. Girl, Just Go Away!

And that’s just what I’m doing this evening. After work I’ll be hopping on a plane and crossing the pond one more time. I’ve got my gummi bears, I’ve got my magazines, i’ve got my iPod(s) (bringing the old Mini…just in case) and I’m bringing my Ativan. I think the latter item is the most […]

Chapter Ninety-One

Most of you are probably unaware of something called Chapter 91. For Massachusetts, it essentially means that development along protected waterways is limited and public access to water must be incorporated into any designs* (if you can build at all). If that was the case, I’d be for it 100%. A court ruling has determined, […]

He’s So Good To Me!

I can’t believe we leave for vacation in two days. I started packing last night and am second-guessing my decision to pack light. Since we’re going to be flying so much (Boston to London, London to Prague, Prague to Paris, Paris to Boston) I didn’t want to have to check luggage at each destination (and […]

BLOG! Hooah! What is it Good for? Absolutely Nothing. Say it Again!

I had a lazily busy weekend, if that makes sense. We got together with lots of people, but did it all within the confines of our own homes so we didn’t have to really go anywhere. Friday night Randy came over and we watched DVD’s. Saturday we did a bit of shopping. Saturday night we […]

The New Prejudice

Yesterday was an interesting news day. There was a proposal in Massachusetts to add height and weight to the list of things a person cannot be discriminated against in housing, employment, etc… If this goes through, we’d be only the second state in the country to include those items along with the more traditional race, […]

It’s Official: Americans Simply Cannot Be Trusted!

First we had that fiasco known as the presidential election of 2000. Granted, with just over 105 million people voting Al Gore received slightly more votes than G. W. Bush (48.4% to 47.9%), but George Bush won the electoral college and stole the election. Still…that means nearly 50% of the people voted for G.W. Bush. […]

Making Music is Hard Work

Nah, I’m not talking about being a performer. I’m talking about managing ones own iPod. Life was so much simpler with my old Mini. The screen was broken so all I could do was “shuffle.” That eliminated a lot of unecessary stress. The Mini also had on 4GB of memory so I could only carry roughly 1,000 […]

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche

I had a great weekend! On Friday night, Randy returned from his business trip so we ordered pizza and caught up on our recorded shows (Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, etc…). On Saturday we drove to the Cape for Mother’s Day and my birthday (celebrating it a bit early since I’ll be on a plane the […]

I Should Have Bought the Zune

I make the worst buying decisions. I bought my iPod Mini a month before Apple announced the Nano – essentially making my purchase obsolete. I bought plane tickets the day after they jumped $150 in price (more on that later). And last month – after weeks of comparisions, I opted to go with the 30GB […]