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Going to the Farm

OK, it wasn’t actually a farm, but we visited some friendsĀ  last Saturday and they live in rural New Hampshire. Their house is centuries old and comes with an attached barn. And it’s one of those huge, white clapboard, old New England style homes with an abundance of charm (old hardwood floors, fancy wallpaper, traditional […]

Somebody’s Lucky Day

Well, not exactly mine. On my way to work this morning I discovered a woman’s purse in the middle of the street. Well, not the full purse, just the wallet part (but woman’s wallets are much larger than men’s…this one was the size of a clutch). Anyway, I picked it up and brought it to […]

If New York, New York, Is The City That Never Sleeps, Then Plattsburgh, New York, Must Be Where New Yorkers Go So They Can Get Some Sleep

Yep, this past wekeend Randy and I drove up to Plattsburgh for a wedding. We left on Friday afternoon after the nor’easter had ended and the sun was coming out, along with some fiercely strong winds (50+ mph gusts). But since the storm was moving northward, it began raining the minute we hit the New […]

My Version of the “This is What I Did on My Summer Vacation” Report (Except I Wasn’t On Vacation and it Wasn’t Summer)

OK, so Randy commented yesterday that I’ve only been blogging (irregularly at that) about the trip to Europe and haven’t talked about what I’ve been doing since I’ve been back. I was trying to break up the Europe trip into smaller posts so they wouldn’t be too long. I was also lazy and posted every […]

He’s Coming Back!

After an 11 day business trip, Randy is finally on his way back from Korea and Taiwan. As I type this, his plane is fast approaching the western half of the continental United States, and should land in Washington, DC, in a little over five hours. This has been one of his longest business trips […]

Oh, Yeah – and Then There Was Paris

I really don’t have much to say about Paris. After the problems I had with my train ticket from Belgium to France (my friend, Mark, purchased the ticket in France and the Belgian train lines refused to let me pick up the ticket at the station of departure…they wanted me to go to France to […]

Let’s See, Now, Where Were We? Oh Yeah, Belgium!

On Sunday we took the train from the beautiful Ghent to our next destination, Oostende. This is a smaller coastal city facing the North Sea. Our hotel was a short cab ride from the train station (we took trams the rest of the time when we weren’t carrying luggage). Our plan was to check-in (it […]

So Many Anniversaries for One Weekend

What a weekend this was. It was the 3 year anniversary of my moving in with Randy into his condo in Somerville. Saturday, October 2nd, was also the one year anniversary of taking possession of (and moving into) our current townhouse that we bought together. Wow – it really does not feel like it’s been […]

The Land of Fries and Chocolate

Our 3-hour flight on Estonian Air was uneventful, and we landed safely in Brussels, where Randy grabbed us a quick meal at, well, Quick (the European fast food chain) and we took the train to Ghent. It was after 9PM at this point some we saw nothing on the 45 minute or so ride. Well, […]