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In Purging Mode

First I sold the Aibo robot dog on ebay. Then a pair of pants. (Thanks, Randy, for your help) Then my old computer monitor on Craigslist (which went with the CPU that was flooded at Best Buy). Then I sold some speakers. Now I’m selling my CD rack since, in another act of purging, I’ve transfered […]

Two Rants

I’ve got two things to rant about today….and to make it more bearable, one is political and one is pure fluff. Let’s start with political. The news last night, and the Metro newspaper this morning, ran articles about our upcoming financial fiasco for Massachusetts transportation. Currently, the MBTA is $8 billion in debt. Yep, billion. […]

Seeing Myself Through Somebody Else’s Eyes

Something interesting happened this morning. I witnessed a cranky Randy for the first time. We stayed at my place last night so we were on a tighter schedule to get out of the apartment this morning. Plus, my place is 1/2 the size of his place so it’s not as easy for one person to […]

Will You Be My Friend?

Unbeknownst to me, I’d apparently signed up on when the site first started (how soon we forget). I’ve obviously never gone back since I had no clue I’d even signed up in the first place – but I received an invitation from a fellow yesterday requesting that I add him as a friend. His […]

That Time of Year Again

I do love spring. Heck, I love nearly everything about it: I love how things bloom and how trees and grass and shrubs all get so plush and green. I love going for walks in the city when it’s not too hot (you sweat) or too cold (you go numb). But there is one little thing […]

Regrets? I’ve Had a Few

I think I need to retract my American Airlines rant from Monday. After my tirade on here, I wrote them an email stating the same thing (that the price jumped within minutes, I bought my ticket, then Randy got the identical ticket for $150 less…yet they wouldn’t change the price of mine). A few days […]

Well That Explains a Lot

This morning’s Metro newspaper had a small article about where Boston stands in various surveys. Apparently, Boston is the least religous city in the country (which surprises me considering the Catholic church’s monopolization of local politics and political figures) and it’s also the most political city in the country. Which explains a lot. I’ve always gotten worked […]

Rock You Like a Hurricane

Here’s a posting all of my Cape Cod readers may recall. My last summer on Cape Cod was 1991…and less than two weeks before I was to permanently move to Boston, the region was struck by Hurricane Bob. The track of the storm brought it just west of the Cape Cod Canal. As with all […]

It’s the Little Things

Perhaps it’s because of my cranky mood after purchasing my plane ticket, but I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment today after doing the silliest little things yesterday. First, I’m quite content with the progress I’m making on my photo scanning project. I think I may be approaching the half-way mark based on the stacks of “scanned” […]

G*d D*mn Mother-F*ck*ing Cheap-As$ SH*t-eating B*stards

That would be American Airlines I’m refering to. Last week Randy and I figured out the days of our vacation. We sent in requests to our bosses for the time off and my boss (who is great) responded immediately and with encouraging words about world travel. Randy’s boss went on vacation and never responded. So […]