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Reunited, and it Feels So Good

He’s back…for another 19 hours or so, at least. I picked Randy up from the airport yesterday afternoon. We did some food shopping for a little get-together we’re having at our place tonight (friends over to help decorate the tree) and then stayed home the rest of the evening. In fact, we did everything I […]

It’s All True!

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I’m ashamed to say this because it’s so, well…gay…but I miss Randy. He’s only been home less than 24 hours in the last 10 days. He returns this afternoon but is gone again Saturday morning (just 36 hours later). This will be the pattern until Christmas. Normally I […]

If I Can’t Live in the North End Anymore – Bring the North End to Me!

YUMMY! I got together with my friend, Jen, last night. I’d not seen her since either August or September…back in the days when I was a city-dweller. She worked in downtown Boston so we’d get together fairly regularly and have dinner in my old neighborhood: the North End. Over the years, the meals were always […]

It Just Dawned on Me: Thanksgiving Really Was Early

The whole holiday season is typically a blur for me. I begin listening to Christmas music on November first and whatever goes on between then and New Year’s doesn’t really matter. Usually. Last night I wrote out my Christmas cards to friends and family and realized that it’s not even December yet. I typically send […]

You Say Good-bye, and I Say Hello (hello, hello)

That was about all that Randy and I were able to say to each other during his brief return home. He arrived less than 24 hours and is already off on his next trip (Nashville). We actually did get a bit of reunion time. At least enough to catch up on some of what was […]

It Was Bound to Happen One Day

I lost at Scrabble. Deano came over last night for what has become our Tuesday night ritual: Scrabble and dinner (then more Scrabble). Things started off well enough: I won the first game by about 37 points. But things took a turn for the worst in the second game with just his first word: “hoopers.” […]

And He’s Off

Randy left for one of his many upcoming trips this morning. He traveled a lot the first two weeks we lived together, but aside from our trip to Buenos Aires, he’s done no travel in the past month. That all changed this morning. He’s in Virginia for the next 6 days. He returns Sunday then […]

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

I saw my first flakes of snow this morning. By no means was there a storm. Hell, you could see blue sky in spots. But falling from the sky were those itsy-bitsy, tiny snow flakes you often see on dry cool days in the winter. Now it officially feels like the holiday season (despite the […]

Note To Self: If You Ignore It, It WON’T Go Away

You may recall the week before I left for Buenos Aires that my sister-in-law returned to the hospital with new infections. Well, she’s still there 2+ weeks later and with minimal improvement. In fact, my brother informed me this week that things were rather touch-n-go with her while I was on vacation. After the surgery […]

Fighting the Good Fight

As I expected, Randy’s cold is trying to take hold of my immune system. But I’m apparently fighting it. This is the third day I’ve felt the early symptoms but it hasn’t progressed beyond that (Randy had the early symptoms for one day before the cold kicked in). Maybe I’m missing the worst of it? […]