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Poor Randy. It’s bad enough that he’s had a busy week at work. It’s bad enough that he was kept busy last weekend helping my mom with her new laptop. It’s bad enough that our upcoming weekend will include cleaning the house (out, damn dust bunnies, out!). But last night he was heading downstairs after […]

Mission Accomplished

Unfortunately, I mean “mission accomplished” in the George Bush sense in that I’ve technically completed the quantity of pages required for the paper that is due Thursday, but the quality of the paper still needs additional work. In my defense, I did draft the paper with multiple distractions. My parents ended up paying a surprise […]

A Gruesome Way To Go

My sister-in-law suffers from Mitochondrial Disease. She had various symptoms throughout her life but they were all misdiagnosed. However, she had three children and the last of the three children was sick from birth. It took about 2 years for the doctors to finally diagnose my niece. Since Mitochondrial Disease is hereditary, my sister-in-law was finally […]

Too Plush for Fluffy

The previous owners of our house opted for off-white carpet in all rooms except the kitchen, dining room, living room, foyer, and bathrooms. Otherwise, the bedrooms, stairwells, and hallways are carpeted in off-white. We live in New England. A locale filled with rain, snow, slush, and mud. Worse, the snow gets mixed with salt and […]

Uneventful…Like Most Valentine’s Days

A month or so I was suggested we go someplace for President’s Day weekend. Last year we were in San Francisco. The year before that we were in Las Vegas. The year before that, Puerto Vallarta. We toyed with the Caribbean, Florida, or San Francisco again for this year before deciding to take a trip in […]

How Can I Be Impartial?

Seriously, the reliability of me getting  jury duty exactly 3 years from my previous summons is really, really, REALLY, pissing me off. Within a month of turning 18 years old I got my first juty duty summons. Since then, I’ve been called at a minimum of every three years. In fact, back when I lived […]

Achy Breaky House

A few weekends ago I was cleaning the master bathroom a bit too vigorously and I managed to dislodge the faucet to one of the sinks (there are two). As it dangled, I noticed that the pieces that held the faucet together were rusted through. In that case, I can’t really be blamed for breaking something that was […]

The Dream Academy

I had the most peculiar dream last night. Actually, the most peculiar dream I’ve ever had was a rather erotic one involving, of all people, Sigourney Weaver. That was back in the 1990’s.  Matt, my partner at the time, said mocked me for picking the most masculine female imaginable for an erotic dream (whereas most people at […]

Going Too Far

I’d been doing pretty good with going to the gym regularly for the past few weeks. But between the party we hosted this past weekend, and having friends stay with us for a few days, I got sidetracked. Now, I’m generally not upset about this. I never understood those people who say that the more […]

What is Cute?

Cute is a tiny elderly lady wearing a babushka on the bus this morning with a huge heart-shaped Valentine’s day pin on her jacket that says “Hot Stuff!” She made me smile. I had a pretty darn good weekend. The friends who were staying with us for the weekend arrived later than expected on Saturday night […]