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And They’re Off

After I leave work today, Randy and I are heading up to the White Mountains for a relaxed scenic weekend filled with wine, games, wine, sightseeing, wine, good food, wine, good friends, wine, and hopefully lots of napping…after a nice glass of red wine. Our friend, Ben’s, family has a summer home up just north […]

At First I Was Afraid. I was Petrified.

I originally planned to use the title “Reunited, and it feels so good” but that felt too obvious for a high school reunion. Anyway, as common sense told me (but my anxiety-ridden brain simply wouldn’t accept) the reunion was great fun and nothing to be worried about.  Randy could tell I was nervous in the […]

New and Improved Yahoo! Instant Messenger?

Well, maybe not so much. For some reason, my Yahoo! Instant Messenger is saying that I’m in Santiago, Chile. To be honest, I kind of wish I was in South America as our weather lately has sucked. Then again, this is winter for them so their weather may be just as bad. But I find it […]

Now I Remember…

…why I hate summer. Randy has some friends visiting from out of town so we’re heading into the city for dinner tonight. Normally, i’m all up for a trip into downtown Boston since I miss living there so much. But then things got complicated thanks to the weather report. It’s sunny now, but by 4PM […]

This -n- That

Randy and I are returning today for a second look at the two most recent condos in our 6+ month search. It’s a good thing we aren’t contending with a lease that terminates on a specific date because at the rate we’re going, we won’t find a place for a few more years. You’d think […]

I want it. And I want it NOW

After countless weekends of keeping busy (traveling, entertaining, going ot the beach, etc…) it all caught up to me in the form of a summer cold. I noticed symptoms on Thursday but went to work. By Friday I felt like crap and used one of my 60 accumulated sick days to rest. I rested again […]

Pueblo de P

Everything seemed to work in our favor for our last minute trip to Provincetown this past weekend. First, the weather pattern of gloom and doom lifted and a sunny weekend was predicted. Then we found an amazing deal at a small guesthouse (the Elephant Walk Inn) that I can’t recommend enough for a) the friendly […]

I’m So Out I’m In

In my new office, that is. The move went pretty smoothly yesterday (aside from the rain that delayed the delivery of a few things.  The new office is laid out much more efficiently than my old on in that it’s long and narrow (versus a big square). This leaves more continuous wall space for bookshelves […]

My Last day

After over 3.5 years in my current office, today is my last day before moving to a new building. I greet this transition with mixed emotions. First, I’m thankful to still have a job here considering the economy and recent lay-off’s. But I’m also saddened that I’m relocating. My current office is actually a dump. […]

Surprises, Cows, Burns, and Buyer’s Remorse

So much (stupid stuff) to write about, but where to begin? Let’s see, Thursday was like a Friday for me since our office was closed on Friday for the 4th of July. Randy had tentatively notified me that he was going to see if some friends wanted to come over for dinner and games after […]