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Having Some Work Done

No, not plastic surgery (though, a bit of lipo could be helpful at this stage), but work around the house. Randy is having all of the exterior doors replaced. The current ones are original to the house (built in the 1920’s, I believe) and are old, cracked, and drafty. In addition, he had new basement […]

YAY – I’m Not Alone!

Yesterday was Randy’s birthday so I’m no longer the only one in our group of friends who is 37! WOO HOO! To celebrate, we got together with some friends and had dinner at Elephant Walk in Cambridge. It’s a Cambodian/French restaurant and since they extended their Restaurant Week menu for a few extra weeks, we […]

Couldn’t Have Asked For Better Weather

Randy and I headed to the Cape this past weekend for one last summer hurrah. Our friend, Roy, was supposed to join us but he flew back to California as a result of his sister passing away (poor guy). Since we had a non-refundable room, we went anyway and recruiting some other friends to join […]

When Tragedy Strikes

Our friend, Roy, arrived the night before last and is staying with us until next Thursday. With yesterday being his first full day here he laid low and just explored Cambridge/Somerville. Last night Randy and I brought him to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) and then walked along the Waterfront and through Quincy Market to get to […]

Where This Leaves Me

It’s now official: Randy and I are going away for Labor Day Weekend. There was a great deal on flights (using frequent flyer miles) to Toronto. Only 17,500 miles per person for direct flights. We’re going to head out next Friday and come back Tuesday morning (and go straight to work). I found what appears […]

Not That I’m Competitive or Anything….

Deano came over last night for our Tuesday Scrabble match. It ended up being the closest game I’ve ever played. He won….285 to 283. That means just ONE tile would have ended the game in a tie (since his score would go down one point and mine would go up one point). And then the […]

It’s Not Me This Time!

Typically, I’m the person in the relationship who is constantly planning the next big trip. It seems the past two years have been a never-ending planning processes (often times I’m planning a future trip even before a more imminent trip has taken place). After all of the travel I’ve done this year, I’m enjoying this […]

A Bunch of Conformists

The most amazing thing happened on Sunday: the sun came out. And based on the day’s name, it couldn’t have happened on a more appropriate day. True, there was some sun on Saturday…perhaps from about noon until 3PM, but then the clouds (and storms we’ve had almost daily) came through. We did manage to do […]


After scooting to work this morning I turned the scooter off and started to park it. Since it has to lock to a bike rack, and the scooter is too big to fit into the standard bike rack, this often involves some lifting and shifting of the scooter. Today, in doing so, I managed to […]

Getting It, but Not Getting It

I’m on Facebook. I’m also on LinkedIn and Friendster (though, now that nobody uses the latter site my profile merely exists and doesn’t get updated). I love the ability to connect with old friends. I’ve always been this way. I’m reconnecting with many more high school friends via Facebook, and I do love the games […]