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It’s a Good Thing I’m Technologically Illiterate

There was a spectacular thunder and lightning storm while I was at work on Friday. The sky got dark and then I saw lightning in the distance. It hadn’t begun raining in my area yet so I opened the door to my office’s roof deck and listened to the thunder. When I saw a lightning, […]

Good Eatin’

Randy and I got together last night for dinner with our friend, Maggie and Dick. They live in New Hampshire so they drove down and met up with us in Arlington. I’d never been to Restaurant Flora before, but it was quite nice. Part of the restaurants takes place in an old bank so youv’e […]

One Week

Randy and I leave for Virginia in just one week. We’re heading to his family’s place in Virginia for the long holiday weekend. It’s funny, I recall kvetching last year before we visited because it was the hottest time of the year in the south. Yet despite the 90+ heat every day, we had a […]

A River Runs Through It

Through my street, that is. For the second time in a year, our street turned into a river briefly. The last time had followed a few days of rain. A heavy rain burst took place and there was an actual current on our slightly sloped street. Yesterday was far more impressive. First there was an […]

A Few More Things…

After posting yesterday I realized I neglected to mention a few tid bits from my trip to the Cape last weekend. First, since the Provincetown International Film Festival was taking place while we were there we saw two celebrities on the street. The first was director, John Waters. Technically, this is nothing special since I’ve […]

A Little R&R…& R

This weekend spontaneously turned into a mini-vacation. What started out as a solo over-night trip to the Cape to visit my parents turned into a full weekend with family and friends. I headed down on Friday night and had dinner/games with my parents. On Saturday morning, Randy arrived with our friends, Chris and Pete, and […]

I Do Have Sympthy, But…

Seeing the devasation brought on by the midwest floods is astonishing. As a severe weather buff, I’m always fascinated when earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards take place. It never ceases to amaze me to see what Mother Nature is capable of doing. So, I feel horrible for the people and businesses affected by these […]

A Change of Scenery

Instead of going to the gym yesterday, Randy wanted to go for a bike ride. I was game. I’d not been on my bike since April….when allergy season was in full bloom and zooming down the Minuteman Bike Trail inhaling all of the pollen helped push my sinus infection over the edge. The bike ride […]

Getting Better

When I bought my scooter the on-line description said that it got an estimated 87 miles to the gallon. Since purchasing it in March, I’ve been getting nowhere near that amount. Previous readings were between 53 and 67 miles per gallon. Our friend, Jeff, who has owned scooters and motorcycles for years said that you […]

Proud Mary

Saturday was Pride Day in Boston so a bunch of us got together and went to the parade and City Hall Plaza festivities. I’ve become so jaded when it comes to this event. I’ve attended pride in various cities (San Francisco, Minneapolis, Paris, London) and Boston’s probably a dozen times. Yeah, it all becomes the […]