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They’re Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’re!

It started gradually with a few strange faces in the cafeteria earlier this week. Then the wait for an elevator grew slightly. Now it’s official: the school year is about to begin. The campus is swarming with students. Bathrooms are less peaceful, flyers are appearing on bulletin boards and, by yesterday there were long lines in the cafeteria. […]

You Know You’re An Adult When….

I just got off the phone with my financial planner and we’re in the process of rolling over my former employer’s 401(k) into an IRA and creating a separate Roth IRA that I will contribute to monthly. She’s also been reviewing my 403(b), which is the retirement plan in academia…it works just like the 401(k). […]

No Wonder Italians are Known for Yelling

I got together with an old high school friend last night for dinner. Actually, she and I had even dated back when we were 18 years old. Anyway, after months of scheduling issues we finally were able to meet. We agreed that Park Street station was a good central location. I saw her coming around […]

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Everything started off nice enough this weekend. The Gay Boston Bloggers got together on Friday night for their (ir)Regularly scheduled gathering. This time, we took advantage of Restaurant Week in Boston and ate at the Parker House (located in the “oldest continually operated hotel in the United States”, as they claim). It’s also the birthplace […]

I’m Panting Again

For the first time since early June*, I’m wearing pants today. Now it feels strange to have fabric against my legs again. This happens to me every year but I’m not complaining. I love autumn and the cooler temperatures. I just wish it wasn’t going back up to the 80’s again by Monday. This evening […]

Four Your Information

Thanks to Karyn, here are some 4’s: Four Jobs I’ve Had in My Life: Paper Boy – Cape Cod Times Dog Walker – some rich guy in Osterville Store Designer – Stride Rite Administrative Director – Harvard Law School For Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Beautiful Thing – so sweet Annie Hall – […]

Snakes on a Blog

It was bound to happen. I heard on the news this morning that somebody released two rattle snakes into a cinema showing the new movie “Snakes on a Plane.” Even before the movie came out, I said said to myself “Somebody is going to release snakes in a crowded cinema.” I really did! Though, my […]

Always One Step Behind

I always seem to get screwed with things. I buy an iPod at full price, and the next week I find out Harvard will give employees a decent academic discount. I but various seasons of DVD’s for a tv show and then find out a box-set is coming out that includes “extras”. I buy plane […]

Outside Looking In

At almost the very last minute I managed to find a room on the Cape for Saturday night. I’d been checking the online “last minute availability” list all week and nothing showed up for any of the weekend evenings. Finally, late Friday afternoon, I managed to find a place in North Truro (about 3.5 miles from […]

Has Anybody Else Noticed…

…that ousted Harvard president, Larry Summers, appears in the television campaign advertisements for republican gubernatorial candidate, Kerry Healey? Yep. After she talks about “the issues”, she’s seen walking down a street with Larry Summers on her right (the viewers’ left). There are also, I believe, 3 other men with her. He’s also beaming ear to ear. […]