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Paris, Part 2

In about 15 minutes Randy and I leave Paris for Lyon. The past few days have been fun, although wet. After a few good weather days at the beginning, the last two were full of rain (and a spectacular lightning storm last night). We did manage to sqeeuze in numerous activities: the Catacombs (which I […]

Paris, Part 1

I’m in my fourth day in Paris and am just getting around to blogging (bad Karl). Where are my priorities? Things have been going well so far. Quite well. The weather predictions that had me so concerned before we left have been nearly completely wrong. Friday was gorgeous, Saturday was mostly cloudy with a few […]

Let Them Eat Cake

There couldn’t be a more appropriate headline for today’s blog post. Last night, in an early celebration of my birthday, I went out to dinner with Randy and some friends at Amelia’s in Teele Square. Following dinner, we came back to our place, played some Wii, and ate a cake Randy baked for me. We […]

It’s Tough Being Antisocial

Now that I have the scooter, it seems everybody wants to discuss it with me. When I arrive at work, if a coworker sees me he/she will ask how I like it, how the mileage is, etc… When I park it on the sidewalk (like when I got my haircut yesterday or when I’ve gone […]

The Makings of a Packing Nightmare

I’m usually pretty good at squeezing quite a bit of clothing (and assorted things: magazines, toiletries, audio devices, shaving gear, affiliated chargers, etc…) into my luggage when I travel. I know all about the quart zip lock bag and 3-oz liquids rules. I know how to roll my clothes up so they wrinkle less. But […]

How Much is Too Much?

I didn’t do anything yesterday except go to the gym and to the market, but it felt like a lot. that’s probably because I was so busy on Friday and Saturday. A friend of Randy’s from his college days was visiting Providence on business so we drove down to meet up with her for dinner. […]

Why Does Our Timing Suck So Much?

Although I’ve never been anywhere near the point of propsing marriage to somebody, I expect the government to allow me right to do so. So when Massachusetts became the first state in the country to offer same-sex marriage, I was thrilled. Though, even at the time I was skeptical of the timing (it was announced […]

I’ve Been a Dirty, Dirty Man

At least, that’s what Randy has concluded based on the dust bunnies in our home. Truth be told, we’re both equally guilty. With him being a workaholic and me being, well, lazy, we don’t seem to tend to the house-cleaning as often as we should. I don’t think it’s filthy in the sense that bacteria […]

Stuck in 1984

Normally, I think it would be a great thing to be stuck in 1984. I was young, there was some great music, the U.S. was rocking the Olympics…but that same year also had some bad things: the Reagan presidency, Michael Jackson’s scalp being burned filming a Pepsi commercial, Marvin Gaye being murdered by his father. […]

Mother’s Little Helper

This past weekend was Mother’s Day so I did the obligatory thing and went to the Cape to bond with her. Randy came down with me and we had a pretty good time. As a gift, we gave her some flowers to plant in the garden. Yep, for the first time in my life my […]