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Welcome to the Hotel Harvard

This place never ceases to amaze me. I normally don’t blog about my work evenironment, but an incident that occured yesterday warrants a blog posting. Around 10:30 in the morning I had to go to the photocopier to make some copies of legal documents associated with Regina’s estate. Being a small academic building, there are […]

One Psychological Drama After Another*

What a difference a year makes. It was a year ago on my birthday (Tuesday) that my friend, Regina, was diagnosed with breast cancer. By autumn my optimisim was fading, and by March she was dead. As executor of her estate, the past few months have been full of twists and turns I never would […]

Older and (not-so-much) Wiser

Thanks everybody for your birthday wishes yesterday (of course, they were selfishly solicited on my part as I blogged about it in the morning). Anyway, I had a great day despite the weather. I got together with a bunch of co-workers for lunch and then Ben, Brad, Rich and I went back to my place after […]


Well, it happened today. In addition to the heavy bands of rain, the projected 40+ mile per hour winds and the temperatures hovering in the 40’s, I tackled a significant life transition this morning: I went from being a man in his early-30’s to a man in his mid-30’s. And all it took for this […]

Weekend Update

Well, I got my haircut this weekend. I think it’s shorter than it’s been since I was a kid and my Mom made us get wiffles (that’s what we call them here…though I’ve said that before and people had no idea what I was talking about). Anyway, here it is: I think I look very […]

Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex

What is this world coming to? Well, this country, at least. I’m watching 60 Minutes and they’re discussing sex education in America. Thanks to the Bush administration, school’s will only receive funding to teach abstinence-only methods. In fact, teens in some places (apparently, mostly in the south) are being taught sex-education by some of Bush’s faith-based initiatives […]

Just Say No

I should have paid attention to Nancy Reagan. But now I’m addicted and can’t stop… …getting magazines, that is. It’s getting to be ridiculous. Not only do I susbscribe to Entertainment Weekly, Advocate, Out, Instinct, Out Traveler, Genre, Conde’ Naste Traveler, Vitals, Harvard Magazine, Harvard Law Record and Budget Travel, but I also pick up all of […]

A Completely Foreign Life…So Close, Yet So Far

I’m an architecture geek. I wanted to be an architect throughout my entire childhood (though, I did fantasize about being a bus driver at one point, too…don’t ask). Anyway, I went to Boston to study architecture until I realized I hated it as a profession. Now, it’s just a hobby of mine. As a hobby, […]

Sometimes You Just Don’t Get It

I had a fun time last night, Ben and Brad cooked dinner for me and Rich. They prepared a great spinach salad, scallops with fettucini, steamed veggies and chocolate mousse for dessert. Also, after raving about Strangers with Candy for so long, I brought the DVD of season one with me. Now, I know that […]

Happy Anniversary

Today is the one day anniversary of the first legal gay marriages in the United States. Despite all of its shortcomings, I’m so proud to be from Massachusetts. Of course, all of the newspapers (dailies and weeklies) are running articles about it, with photos, statistics, and opinions. There was a great op-ed piece in the […]