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Playing Favorites

Randy and I got together with our friend, Deano, last night for our usual game night. It’s actually been a month or so since we’ve seen him with all of Randy’s November travels and all of the holiday and work crap everybody has been dealing with in December. We exchanged Christmas gifts and he gave […]

Snow and D’oh!

Randy and I attended our second to last holiday party this weekend. Just before the snow storm we went to a party in Reading. Now all that’s left is the Christmas Eve party on the Cape at the house of some friends of our family. In the past, my family has always opened Christmas gifts […]

Cleanliness is Next to…

… complete destruction of the earth, apparently. You see, I think of my self as fairly eco-concious. I don’t drive a car. I make sure to use compact fluorescent light bulbs. I don’t leave the water running when doing dishes or brushing my teeth. I also recycle. Generally. But certain times it’s not convenient for […]

Who Knew There Could Be So Much To Say About a Commute?

None of it is important, of course. It seems I’m finally getting the commute routine down. To be honest, I think it’s all just random luck. For the first week of my taking public transit to work from the new home (after 2 months of scootering), the bus was late every day. The schedule said […]

As Busy as One of Santa’s Elves

Well, not really. But I did have a pretty full weekend. On Saturday our friend, Pete, had us over for Hannukah dinner (mmm – brisket) and games. Randy managed to win both games (Settler’s of Catan and Hands and Feet), but he didn’t gloat so no enemies were made. On Saturday, we got up (late) and […]

Quit Bugging Me

I’m not sure what it was, but I managed to catch a strange bug this week. I woke up Monday very achy and with a slight sore throat. Recalling the colds (yes, plural) Randy had for the entire month of November, I suspected that’s what I was catching. I took the day off, got plenty of […]

I Could Get Used to This

Despite being warm blooded (or hot-blooded considering that I sweat in bed even on the coldest of nights), I’m realizing as I get older that winter just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I look forward to the cool, crisp autumn nights, I enjoy the first snowfall of the year. but once that happens (typically […]

Breaking Out and Doing Different Things

A typical day in my life reminds me of the Godfather’s classic 1980’s song “Birth, School, Work, Death.”  I typically wake up (my birth), go to work (which happens to be school), then go home and eventually fall asleep (death). Yes, it’s terribly exciting, I know. But it keeps me content. But once in a […]