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Who Am I?

You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve not blogged on Thursdays lately. I should also add that I likely won’t be blogging on Thursdays until mid-December. That’s because I’m taking this management course at Harvard right now and it takes place on, you guessed it, Thursday. It’s run by the Harvard Center for […]

Beating a Dead Horse

I’m sure you’ve all read about this an unbelievable number of times since last weekend, but I just feel like I have to put in my two cents. WTF was that father thinking allowing his 8 year old child to shoot an Uzi? For you non-locals, a Connecticut father brought is son to a shooting […]

A Joyous Event

As always, I had a nice weekend overall. Friday night was wings and game night. On Saturday we went to the gym then had a little gathering in the evening (southern style: fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, fried ocra, tater tots)….and two Carvel ice cream cakes! Randy did the cooking and asked that other people […]

High Drama

I always knew that my old high school had a good reputation for the plays and musicals they would put on. Well, at least its reputation on Cape Cod was always pretty good. But the WB has been airing webisodes of a show called “High Drama: Against all Oz” which takes place at good ole’ […]

A 9/11 Holiday?

So the Peabody, MA, police union wants the new contract to consider 9/11 (of any year) a holiday. That would mean overtime pay for any officer working that day. WTF? I can see NYC police (and fire, and paramedics) fighting for such a thing since, you know, since they were the actual people who a) […]

The Heat Is On

I didn’t hang out with Glen Frey this past weekend. But Sunday night around 6:30PM was when Randy officially turned the heat on for the winter season. I personally thought we could have gone another 24 hours (since wouldn’t really need it while sleeping last night nor while at work today), but my frail Randy […]

It’s Been a While

I’ve not been to the gym in two weeks. Two weekends ago I went to a Wedding on Friday, then had a stomach bug on Saturday and Sunday. That stomach bug morphed into a cold that kept me out of commission Monday thru Thursday. Then we went to NYC Friday thru Monday. Then, well, I […]

The Final Debate

I’ve voted in every election since I turned 18. Still, I’ve never been a very political person. Part of the problem is probably that I live in Massachusetts where the majority of the population seems to hold similar beliefs as me. When it comes time for national elections, I’m always stunned when I realize that […]

Scrabble Babble

Last night was Scrabble night. I lost. But then, so did Deano. Randy started the game as the first player (meaning, double word score). On top of that little perk, he had BOTH of the blank-letter tiles and managed to create a word using all of his letters. All this on his first turn! I […]

A Nice Chunk of the Apple

You couldn’t have asked for better weather this past weekend in NYC. We stayed with friends in Jersey City. There lived in the newish hi-rise district closest to the tip of Manhattan (yet there were just a block or two from the historic older part of town with 3-5 story buildings. In fact, from their […]