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J’adore Paris!

On my way to work this morning I had to pop by the Somerville Traffic Office to get a parking permit for our move next week (one week from today!). I tried doing this last week on Thursday night since they have evening hours on Thursday but the line was practically out the door. The […]

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I bought some art this weekend at the South End Open Studios. We were at a (mostly) sculpture gallery and there were various pieces for $150 – $3,000. But way in the back corner was table with similar looking pieces for only $20. Now, I couldn’t tell the difference between the piece I purchased and […]

How I Know Randy Hates Me

I’ve done a damn good job at avoiding the gym over the summer (and have the belly to prove it). I think I’ve gone a total of three times since the end of May. That averages to about one day per month. Since my gym membership only costs me $4.63 per month (I get $150 […]


In two weeks and two days from today, I will most likely be supervising the movers as they pick up all of our belongings. Despite my fairly frequent kvetching on here about the commute, the truth is I do like the current place (I said like, not love). It definitely feels homey. And it holds […]


So, yesterday was September 9, 2009 (or, 09/09/09). It also happened to be my three year anniversary with Randy (well, look at that, three times three is also nine). Anyway, we didn’t exactly celebrate in a traditional way; We met with an attorney to draft our wills, power of attorney, health care proxy, etc…. Nothing […]

What a Trip Should Be

Randy and I did a last-minute trip to Provincetown for the Labor Day weekend and I have to say it was the most relaxed and enjoyable Ptown trip I’ve had in years. We made it down in time for Friday night’s weekly art gallery walk. It wasn’t intentional, but we were walking around looking for […]

What’s In a Name?

I’m beginning to wonder if I should rename this website “Karl’s Weekly Blog since it seems that’s become the new frequency with which I update. I do hope time hasn’t run its course on this site because it has been enjoyable for me (and therapeutic). There have just been so many distractions lately between summer […]