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Random Thoughts…

My mind is racing today and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I didn’t get much sleep last night. You see, for the past 3 nights somebody (or some entity) has been shooting off fireworks over Boston Harbor (which is behind our building). I’m assuming they must be legal/scheduled fireworks because the Massachusetts State […]

Satan was Cute…But I Wouldn’t Go So Far as to Use the Word Love

Last night I went to see the play “Say You Love Satan” at the Boston Center for the Arts. I was supposed to go with Matt, but the heat, humidity, and some bad reviews of the play caused Matt to bail out on me at the last minute. Fortunately my friend, Jason, was available and […]

Bad Parent

Matt had this saved on the computer’s desktop and I just had to post it here. I started laughing out loud hysterically when I found it (which is rare for me).

A (not so) Plentiful Feast

Today, let’s recall the origins of this blog. The title says it all: Adventures in Gastronomy. This was supposed to be a showcase of the boring dinners I prepare (through text and photographs). The ultimate goal was for it to embarrass me enough so that I would begin preparing more exciting meals. Well, 6 months […]

We Are the World

While eating my oatmeal this morning, VH-1 Classics played the 1980’s classic: “We Are the World”.  AH – memories. I still own that 45 (ah – 45’s….) because my Dad bought it for me. I remember my favorite part being when Cyndi Lauper starts belting out “woah, woah woah just realize, oh, that a change […]

Dear God

How funny that I posted a heading with Satan in it a few days ago and now I’m posting about God. Actually, I’m not writing about him (just as my Satan posting wasn’t really about Satan). But on my way to work this morning I listened to an old mix-CD I had created and after a […]

Tears on My Pillow, Pain in My Heart

I’m so glad it’s a new day. Last night, for only the third time in the 9 years I’ve known Matt…I cried. Crying just doesn’t come easily to me. It never has. I’ll get frustrated, I’ll get angry, and my throat will start aching…but I never shed tears. Last night – I couldn’t stop them. […]

My Annual August Malaise (also known as ma’am)

I’ve been dealing with MA’AM for over a decade now. It’s hard to explain, but every year in August, I start developed symptoms of exhaustion and low energy. Actually, I may even have blogged about this before…but because of MA’AM, I’m too lazy to look back and investigate. Perhaps it has to do with the sun setting […]

Shocking: Karl and Nightowl….Used in the Same Sentence!

Yep. You read it here first. I was a bit of a nightowl this weekend. And, gasp, enjoyed it! Not only did we go to the Ramrod on Friday night, but Saturday night (after the other two napped) the three of us had a late dinner at the kitschy Deluxe in the South End, then […]

A Whole New World

It’s Saturday afternoon and what’s happening? Matt and Chris are both asleep on the sofa (separate sofas). Apparently, I’m either showing Chris too good of a time…or a really boring time. He arrived late Friday afternoon and we started off with a late lunch in Harvard Square (at Au Bon Pain since no place else […]