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A Whole New World

It’s Saturday afternoon and what’s happening? Matt and Chris are both asleep on the sofa (separate sofas). Apparently, I’m either showing Chris too good of a time…or a really boring time.

He arrived late Friday afternoon and we started off with a late lunch in Harvard Square (at Au Bon Pain since no place else seemed to still be serving lunch at that time). We then drove to Mt. Auburn Cemetery and drove around the gardens. It’s such a beautiful place (the oldest02 botanical burial ground in the country). We ultimately drove to the top of the hill (Mt. Auburn?) and, even in the extreme heat and humidity, climbed to the top of the stone tower for a 360-degree view of the metropolitan area. Surprisingly, the inside of the tower (which has no lighting…just occasional windows) was rather cool and the breeze from the open-air top was quite refreshing.

We then drove into Boston, unloaded his stuff at our condo and went to dinner at Artu, in the North End. YUM! We then walked around the North End to show him the sites such as Old North Church and Paul Revere’s house (and to pick up some pastries from Bova’s Bakery). One of the things I love about the North End is it’s narrow and curvy streets. Some streets are just wide enough for a car to fit through with no sidewalks for pedestrians. Oddly, Chris said (sarcastically) that from where he’s from, such streets and avenues would be called alleys. Actually, at first I think he really thought they were alleys until we walked him down a few of them.

Later in the evening, Chris and I went to the Ramrod while Matt took care of a hyper Dusty (who apparently calmed down once Chris and I left). The Ramrod was rather slow, actually – I think Carnival takes place in Provincetown this weekend so maybe everybody was there instead? Still, we did some people watching and explored the whole place – upstairs and down (but we didn’t go into the back room since neither of us was in leather…nor willing to take any clothes off).

We left a little after 1AM (which is late for me). We drove back to the North End but on the way made a pit stop at Bova’s Bakery (open 24 hours for our sweet-tooth pleasure). This is a side of the city I never see. I’m such a day person that I never see nocturnal activities in my environs. I guess the main reason is that I’m not a drinker…and have little (actually, no) tolerance for drunk people. But the people out and about at that time of the evening (from the safe metal cocoon of Chris’ car) seemed harmless enough. I eventually went to bed close to 3AM (which is incredibly late for me).

Making matters worse, Dusty was preventing me from sleeping late with her whining so I was slightly awake by 6AM and wide awake by 7:30AM. I got up to walk and feed the dog. After going out for crepe’s, Chris and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Art Deco exhibit (Matt wanted to see a movie instead).  After the MFA, Chris and I walked the Christian Science Center, Prudential Center* and Copley Place – checking out the shops. We chose these activities because today was gloomy with some heavy periodic rain essentially killing my plans to show him the Public Garden, Charles River Esplanade and Newbury Street.

So now, everybody but me and Dusty is napping on a sofa. But this evening we plan on going to Deluxe for dinner (in the South End) and then to a few bars/clubs…maybe Ruby Room, Upstairs at Dedo, and Club Cafe (ugh).

We’re hoping tomorrow’s weather is better so the three of us can check out all the sites we missed today, in addition to the South End, Harvard Square and maybe even Davis Square. Wish us luck! Poor Chris – he’s going to be exhausted for his long ride home on Monday.


*We ran into a guy we saw at the Ramrod while at the Prudential Center…he didn’t look as good in the light of day…and I didn’t even have beer goggles on to begin with.


  1. Comment by Thom on August 22, 2004 8:35 pm

    “neither of us was in leather…nor willing to take any clothes off”

    So what’s wrong with you guys, anyway?!?

  2. Comment by Karl on August 23, 2004 11:56 am

    HE He. Hey, Thom! What can I say…though my self-esteem has gone up, I guess it’s just not all the way there yet! I’m working on it!

    Besides, I’m a voyeur…not an exhibitionist!

  3. Comment by chris on August 26, 2004 12:45 pm

    just to clarify: i brought some accoutrements, but wore them under a dress shirt—and then FORGOT to take the shirt off!

  4. Comment by Karl on August 26, 2004 1:05 pm

    A dress shirt? at the Ramrod? Oh, honey, no. hehe

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