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Shocking: Karl and Nightowl….Used in the Same Sentence!

Yep. You read it here first. I was a bit of a nightowl this weekend. And, gasp, enjoyed it! Not only did we go to the Ramrod on Friday night, but Saturday night (after the other two napped) the three of us had a late dinner at the kitschy Deluxe in the South End, then we roamed the Back Bay (Matt and Chris enjoyed Newbury Comics and Virgin), We then walked back down Newbury Street towards the Public Garden. Matt got tired and hopped in a cab so Chris and I continued walking (it was 11:30, I would guess). We detoured into Bay Village and hung out at Upstairs at Dedo’s (a gay bar). The piano sing-along room scared Chris a bit so we stayed in the lounge area and observed the masses.

We returned (by cab) to the condo around 1:00AM. I was ready to go to sleep, but Matt and Chris “needed” pastries. Ugh. So, Chris and I (and Dusty) took a walk into the North End to Bova’s Bakery (the second night in a row). I had chocolate mousse, Matt had a canolli, Chris had a lobster tail, and Dusty just took a dump on the sidewalk.

Oh, that reminds me…while we were walking back from the bakery, two slightly drunk woman stopped and started playing with Dusty. Then one of them stood up and said “I bet you take her out at night like this to pick up women, don’t you?”. EEK! Man, did she have it all wrong! Chris and I laughed hysterically and kept walking.

Anyway, the next morning we all woke up and went to Chinatown for dim sum. While waiting to get in, we ran into Matt’s assistant/friend, Angie. She was 9 months pregnant (and was even at work on Friday). This restuarant (China Pearl) is on three floors with no elevator. So she, along with her two current children in tow, climbed the stairs. Matt immediately reprimanded her for not resting in her state – but she looked fine and healthy.

After dim sum, we walked through the Boston Common and Public Garden, then brought Chris up to Matt’s office on the 45th floor of the Hancock Tower for an overview of Boston (it was a gorgeous day). We gave him a tour of the South End..where they made me try on what Chris calls “butt pants”. He and Matt seem to think that my clothes are too baggy and that I need to accentuate certain ASSets. Anyway, I tried on a pair at Market…but put them back after seeing they were almost $150…for jeans!

Later in the afternoon, Chris and I went to Harvard Square (where I was forced to try on more ass jeans). At the Diesel store he made me try on these scary stretch denim ones (neither of us realized they were stretch denim at first). After showing him the shops, Harvard Yard, and my office, we returned home.

At this point, I was exhausted. This is much more activity than my lazy ass is accustomed to. But Matt and Chris were starving so we had dinner at Boston Beer Works. Our meals were chock full of healthines: nachos with cheese and guacamole, onion rings, mashed potatos and fried chicken (for Matt), burger (for Chris) and chicken picatta (for me). I was going to explode.

And, remember Matt’s assistant I spoke of earlier? Well, at 7:30PM she went to the hospital with contractions. At 8:45PM, she had given birth to a healthy baby boy. And just over 15 minutes later (at 9:00PM…while she was still in the delivery room) she was calling Matt to tell him about it. I swear, this must be every woman’s dream pregnancy/birth! She wasn’t winded or anything on the phone. I can’t even imagine.


  1. Comment by Underling on August 23, 2004 1:55 pm

    Sounds like a weekend chock full o’ fun…beats my two days at work by a longshot.

  2. Comment by Mery on July 23, 2005 4:53 am

    The text was good, but i stil cant find the play ipdates. looking for it dude.

  3. Comment by Peter Jackson on July 23, 2005 11:44 pm

    A heap of wheat, says the Song of Songs
    but I’ve never seen wheat in a pile 🙂
    did you like it?

  4. Comment by Richard Davis on July 25, 2005 1:45 am

    Nice one, but what about der weg ? anywya, congrats from me.

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