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Has It Really Been That Long?

I think this has been my largest gap in blogging in the 5+ years I’ve had it. I’ve been on other continents for 3 weeks and still managed to post more religiously. Ugh. It’s been a crazy week or so since my last post. The Purchase and Sale on our new condo was supposed to […]

Inspector Gadget

So yesterday was the home inspection on the new townhouse. Since Randy was still in Virginia (the memorial took place at the same time as the inspection) I went alone. The inspector was incredibly thorough compared to previous inspections I’ve had. However, the guy was hilarious.  He came straight out of the 1950’s with the […]

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The good, the bad, and the ugly all took place in one weekend. It’s amazing how much your emotions can swing within a 48 hour period. First, the good. I’ve blogged before that we put an offer on a townhouse in Arlington on Tuesday and were accepted on Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon Randy put his […]

How Soon We Forget

I’ve purchased condos twice in the past. I always found the search part so exciting. I suppose my voyeuristic tendencies played a factor in that, but I’ve always been a fan of “space” and exploring the lay outs of various places. But now that we’ve made an offer, and that offer has since been accepted […]

I Now Know What Love Is

Love is a 4 story townhouse with 2 car garage, 2.5 bathrooms, 3+ bedrooms, gas fireplace, central air, private deck off living room, private deck on roof, mini garden in back, modern kitchen, and abutting the Minuteman Bike Trail and just blocks from Arlington Center. Randy and I returned last night from a great trip […]