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Happy Boxing Day!

My Christmas kicked ass (and, in some ways, is still kicking ass). It all began on Friday when Mike, Randy and I got together for lunch in the Back Bay (and I picked up one final Christmas gift). We ate at Fire + Ice and then walked back to the North End. That night, Randy […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Despite some basic knowledge of that song, I must admit that I’ve never seen Sound of Music. In fact, I only know this song from when Selma (Bjork) sings it in Dancer in the Dark…this is at the beginning of the movie before she gets hanged mid-song. Anyway, life is good today (mostly). Today is […]

She’s a Screamer

Last night I discovered that my new upstairs neighbor (the loud one) is a screamer during sex. Oh yes, she makes it quite clear to all those around her that she’s climaxing. I, unfortunately, was around her last night. Well, I was home…and considering the paper thin floor separating us, that essentially puts me in the same […]

Christmas Wrapping

Not only is that a great song by the Waitresses, but it’s also what I spent last night doing. I started the process over at Randy’s on Sunday, and finished up at home last night. Now it’s just a matter of opening them all up and destroyed the presentation. Actually, my wrapping skills don’t compare […]

Nothing Says Christmas….

….Like men running down the streets of Boston in Speedos. I sure had a holiday filled weekend. Friday night was the annual holiday party at Harvard Law School. I dragged Randy along this year and the place was packed. I ended up staying much longer than I have at any previous party (well over two hours). […]

This Jetlag is Killing Me!

I’ve always had a hard time with jetlag. Even domestic trips to the west coast (3 hours) cause my system to go haywire. Europe (6 hours) requires two weeks to adjust to upon my return. Now I’m contending with the 14 hour adjustment brought on by my trip to Japan. I was fine while I […]

God is my Co-Pilot

Or at least the Virgin Mary is my co-passenger. As promised yesterday, here is a photo of the Virgin Mary on our flight back from Japan. We tried being sneaky – making it appear that Randy was taking a photo of me when in reality we were trying to capture the creepiness that is a […]

Tokyo, Part III: The Return

I’m home! Unfortunately, things didn’t get better for Randy the last few days of the trip. After puking up a storm on Friday, he remained sick on Saturday and Sunday. However, unwilling to waste his last remaining hours in Tokyo, he bravely ventured into the city (and into nearly every public restroom) as we continued […]

Tokyo, Part II

Oh dear. The day started off with Randy feeling a bit under the weather….and by 11AM he was puking up a storm. We’re not sure if it was because of his dinner, his mystery lunch (oyster? we’re not quite sure what was in that breaded ball) or a 24-hour flu. But he’s been in the hotel […]

Tokyo, Part I: the Second Edition

I managed to lose an entire post as I was prepping to download the accompanying photos. Consequently, I’m too frustrated to write everything from scratch again and will just use photos as filler. Long story short: I arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday night and Randy was sure a sight for sore eyes. After 4 days […]