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Amsterdam, Part Drie & Paris, Part Six

The Amsterdam portion of this posting will lack many words since I’m mostly just posting photos (finally). I’ve also created an Amsterdam 2006 photo album in my gallery (link to the right). Like the recent Paris photos, these are all still un-edited so they may be sideways (and I still haven’t mastered the process of […]

Amsterdam, Part Twee

My first impressions of Amsterdam were quite wrong. You see, we arrived on Monday in the early evening after over 6 hours in a car. The city was drizzly and damp and we were both somewhat cranky. Our first excursion to explore the city was the Red Light District, since that’s where we were staying. […]

Amsterdam, Part Een

(Een is one…in Ductch). But before I get into the Amsterdam stuff, I should talk about Sunday in Paris. I did almost nothing. Mike went to some museum and I stayed at Mark’s (it was raining all day). That night, Mike and I had dinner at Mark’s (left-overs from Friday’s amazing meal) and then went […]

Paris, Part Cinq

It is now Sunday and we’ve been in Paris for a full week already (actually, slightly longer). Today is also the first rainy day we’ve had. Though, to be honest, I’m enjoying the laziness it provides. Mike has gone off to a museum in the 17th arrond. and Mark is prepping to head out to […]

Promise Keeper

OK – here are some un-edited photos of Paris….so far. I’ve also created an un-edited Photo album in my Y ahoo Photo Gallery (see link), called “Paris 2006.” I can’t stress enough how these photos are untouched.  Be patient. This is the view from Mark’s home.  This is the table setting for last night’s fabulous […]

Paris, Part Quatre

Today is Saturday and it’s Paris Gay Pride Day. Nearly half a million people are expected to converge upon the city streets for the parade (which, very conveniently, passes only a block away). The weather is supposed to be ideal so I will wear my Human Rights Campaign tank top with the peace symbol, heart […]

Paris, Part Trois

MMM – ít’s now 10:15AM and I’m eating my Kellogs Oat Bran Cereal (avec chocolat, of course) and realizing that I’m blogging much more than I did on my last trip. Despite my last trip being planned as relaxing…this one most certainly exceeds the relaxation quotient. I guess that’s because, this time, I’ve got the […]

Paris, Part Deux

Tuesday was fun. After being lazy all morning (jet lag alert), Mike and I ventured out toward the Pantheon, had lunch along what ever boulevard leads from the Pantheon to Luxembourg Gardens, then sat amongst the throngs of tourists in the garden. Then we walked alng Boulevard St. Germain to see if we could find […]

Paris, Part Un

Here it is, day three in Paris and I’m finally blogging. Things are going very well; the weather is cooperating fabulously, Mike doesn’t want to kill me yet (unless he’s hiding it well), and Mark is being the most gracious host. We left Boston at 6:45PM on Saturday. I wasn’t able to sleep on the […]

The Leper from Boston

I checked in with my doctor this morning because, now that the rash is gone, I’m shedding. Seriously – I rub my torso and flakes of flesh fill the room like snow. It’s like Ally Sheedy’s dandruff snow storm from the Breakfast Club..except it’s my skin. Even worse, my hands are pealing like I soaked them […]