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Packed and Re-Packed

I began the packing process a few days ago and finished last night. What a relief to finally be ready to go! Then the UPS man arrived with a package. Randy ran to the door to get it since it was the second part of my birthday gift. He let me open it (since we […]

Rat Pack(ing)

I’ve begun packing for our trip to Rome and Paris. The weather in Rome is supposed to be sunny and HOT (mid 80’s) every single day. So that means shorts and tshirts. But the guidebooks all have said that most churches (and some museums) don’t allow shorts or collar-less shirts. Ugh. And Paris looks like […]

Showing the Love

At the last minute on Friday, Randy decided to try and coordinate a birthday party/backyard BBQ for Saturday afternoon (since we won’t be around next weeken…Memorial Day…to do it). We were surprised to find that 19 people ended up being there. Not a bad turn-out for last minute planning. Thanks, everybody, for coming! But that’s […]


Randy and I checked out a house last night in Arlington. It was actually a single-family house with a huge yard surrounded by woods. The photos online made it look decent but we both suspected that it would be too good to be true. I mean, how can you have a three bedroom, 1.5 bath […]

A Literary Muse

I’ve appeared in a book in the past. Granted, it was only in the acknowledgments, but the fact is that my name appears in a published¬†book. Members of my family also appear in various books published about my childhood village on Cape Cod (we were one of the first families there so various great, great […]

Me and My Hippie/Earthy-Crunchy Parents

Ever since the late 1980’s (yes, over two decades ago) my parents would buy a new car and say “This is the last car we’ll ever buy. We’re getting told and will be dead soon so this is it. No more cars.” Then every 2 to 3 years later (never longer than that) they tell […]

More About This Small World of Ours

Is it Monday already? This year has just been flying by. It’s strange, Randy¬†mocks me for doing nothing and being lazy, yet I’m doing more now than I can recall since I was a full-time college student working two jobs. Between work during the day, then Scrabble night on Tuesday, and our normal game night […]

It’s a Small World After All

I forgot to mention yesterday, but while we were in California visiting the Getty Villa on Sunday we bumped into an old friend of mine from Boston. He moved out there last year (and I’d not seen him in at least 3 years). I always find it amazing when something so random happens. I mean, […]

I’m Back!

And jetlagged. That’s the one aspect of travel that I hate. I could just go one time zone and I feel jetlagged. This trip brought me across three time zones, and to make matters worse it was all during a red-eye flight. But we had a good time out in California. It’s always great to […]