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Getting Intimate With Me

OK – so here’s my l00 List. Don’t think less of me. I was born on Memorial Day weekend in 1971 I am originally from Osterville, Massachusetts (raised in the same house my father was born in) I

Over-Extending Myself

Yawn. I had a great weekend, but am now completely exhausted. OH – but first, some good news! I contacted my blog server about the horribly slow speed of the site. They are apparently working on replacing the server and going to a new software program in the next few weeks that will make this […]

Hypochondria Sets In

I’m finally seeing the doctor today. Two weeks has definitely been enough. Sore throat type illnesses never last that long in me so it has provided me sufficient time to develop some paranoid thoughts. For starters, my sore throats never feel like this. Usually they consist of a dry throat and perhaps some scratchy sensations and difficulty […]

The Mystery of the Migrating Ailment

I’m starting to get annoyed. I’ve had some sort of sore throat since returning from Washington, DC nearly two weeks ago. It started the day after my return to Boston and I attributed it to the flight (I always manage to come down with something when I fly). The original symptoms were simply a discomfortable […]

Lunch is on the House

Not really. But that was the main subject at lunch yesterday. You see, I found out a few weeks ago who Veselka Slut is (the new commenter on my blog). He is actually a co-worker name Mark who, coincidentally, is on the same floor of the same building as me at work (I still don’t know […]

Crisis Management? Don’t Come Running to Me

I suck at crisis management. I freeze. I become completely useless. This morning as I was walking along Mass Ave in Cambridge, I saw a group of three people (a 20-something male, a 50-ish female, and a 70-ish gentleman). They were all standing in the middle of the sidewalk so I thought there were just […]

Rolling In the Money

I’m not sure how that phrase originated, but I managed to experience my own version of it this weekend. Last night I finally attacked the metal tin in which I toss my spare change every day. I brought the tin into the living room and started counting. …and counting… …until I finished counting at $382.50. Yep, nearly […]

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part III

I love my friends. I can always count on them to prevent me from embarrassing myself (thanks, Jason, for advising me to remove that horrible photo from my blog yesterday). But I can also count on them to mock me lovingly and create things such as this: That’s Chris’ handiwork there. I love it! It […]

You Oughta’ Be In Pictures

…Or maybe not. Remember how I blogged on Tuesday about this amazing photo that was taken by the staff photogapher for Metro Weekly (one of DC’s gay newspapers)? Well, I checked out their website this morning to see my photo (and post it here)…but it wasn’t there! In fact, no photos from that bar were in the […]

It’s All About Pain Suffering

Well, at least today’s posting seems to be. For starters, I managed to develop a sore throat upon my return from Washington, DC. This seems to happen every time I fly. It’s not bad enough for me to call in sick to work, but it was bad enough for me to lose my appetite and […]