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All I Need…Is Litle More Time….

I forget the rest of the lyrics to that 80’s(?) song? Was it Eric Carmen? Anyway, I’m using a little bit of my vacation/personal time for one last Hurrah weekend on Cape Cod. There’s going to be a bunch of us going down and it appears the weather is going to cooperate, for the most […]

We Need a Stupidity Tax: Just Tax the Stupid People

There was an episode of Absolutely Fabulous where Edina Monsoon is representing herself in court after breaking various laws and then goes on a tirade about how the system doesn’t quite work. She eventually defends her stance that stupid people should be taxed because of the expenses they bring onto society. An article in today’s […]

Is It Unreasonable?

My new upstairs neighbor (the one who apparently opened Boston’s most popular bowling alley above my apartment) has motivated me to more actively search for a condo. I’d been holding out because, by Boston standards, I have a pretty good deal on my current place. In addition, the condo market seems to be getting progressively […]

This is Where I’m Meant to Be

…or so a five-question computer survey says. Yep, according to the Internet, Boston is my type of city. Hell, I could have told you that. You Are Boston   Both modern and old school, you never forget your roots. Well educated and a little snobby, you demand the best. And quite frankly, you think you […]

The Floor Was So Clean You Could Eat Off It!

For my parents 40th wedding anniversary, my gift to them was hardwood floors. Actually, that’s not true. It was fake harwood floors (like Pergo) since they’re reportedly more durable. And, with Dusty and her occasional “accidents”, we read that real hardwood floors could stain permamently after a while. This seemed the better option. Anyway, the […]

B-O-R-I-N-G ! ! !

I took a sick day yesterday (cough cough) and was bored to death. I’ve had a wee bit of a cold (just congestion/runny nose) so I figured I’d stay home and rest it off instead of going to work (which is what I did all last winter when I kept getting sick over and over […]

Bowling For Dollars

There is a new tenant in the unit above mine. I’ve not yet seen this person, but he/she moved in shortly after the first of September. The previous two tenants were mostly quiet. I never heard the most recent one. And the fellow before her was completely silent except for every few months when he […]

One Last Hurrah

I’m normally the type of person who loves the changing of seasons and actually looks forward to the cooler temperatures of autumn. But there was something about the summery weather this past weekend that is making me long for a few more weeks of it. Friday night I got together with Randy again for dinner […]

Pancakes Anybody? Then Come to Boston!

I had such a blast last night. Once again, I got together with my friend, Jen. She arrived shortly after 6PM (after snarfing a parking spot in our secret location). We chatted for a while about life, love (or lack thereof) and work (by the way, she’s looking for an administrative job so if anybody […]

Small World for the Socially Active

I’ve been extremely, and inexplicably, social lately. After a quiet Friday night, I got together with three people on Saturday (met Randy for lunch, Mike for a movie in the early evening, and Scott for dinner and DVD at night). On Sunday, I met Randy (for the second time) for lunch, some shopping, then walking around the […]