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One Last Hurrah

I’m normally the type of person who loves the changing of seasons and actually looks forward to the cooler temperatures of autumn. But there was something about the summery weather this past weekend that is making me long for a few more weeks of it.

Friday night I got together with Randy again for dinner in the North End and then for some Strangers with Candy (on DVD). I think we both had a great time. Saturday was the party up in Salem. I had a good time reuniting with old friends (and making some new ones – particularly two lesbians who are getting married in two weeks*).

Sunday, though, was the pick of the weekend weather-wise and I went up to Crane Beach with my friends, Marin and Roger. Seriously, it was a picture-perfect day. We ended up staying until around 5:30PM. At one point, Roger (at 6′-4″ tall) decided to give me a shoulder ride. Now, I’m not afraid of heights. I’ve walked across the Rio Grande and I’ve explored outdoor roof decks on top of some of the tallest buildings in the world. But wobbling on the shoulders of a tall man made me nervous. I mean, my head was probably only 10-11-feet above the sandy beach, but it was rather disconcerting for a bit. It didn’t help that my balls were being crushed against the back of his head (probably a major reason you see so few adult males riding on top of another man’s shoulders). Plus, being a virgin to such activities, I was a bit wobbly up there and felt like I could teeter off to the side with every step he took.

In the end, it was rather fun – and he agreed to give me a ride the next time we’re watching a parade.

Otherwise, it was an amazingly restful and beautiful day – one that I needed after the past hyper-social week.

Tonight I start my class for this semester: Religion, Democracy and Liberalism. I’m looking forward to it, but debating my decision to take is as a graduate course (instead of just auditing it). I suppose I can change that later.


*I love the fact that gays and lesbians can actually get married in Massachusetts. Not just commitment ceremonies but actual state-recognized marriages. And I love the fact that after two-plus years it just seems normal (though, this could change in a year or two).

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