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Home, Sweet Home…For Now

Randy left a week ago to visit his family in Tennessee. From there he incorporated a business trip into it and went to Dallas for a few days. So, after 7 nights of my living the single life he returns this afternoon. But while he was away he dropped the bomb on me that he […]

There IS Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

Despite Randy being in Nashville visiting his brother, I had a really good weekend in his absence (though I still would have prefered that he was here). On Friday night I had friends over and watched “What’s Up, Doc?”….a classic slap-stick comedy from 1972 with a young-n-sexy Ryan O’neal, a funny-n- pretty Barba Streisand (love […]

Returning to Normal

Plain and simple, commuting so far this week has been a bitch. The weekend’s heavy rain caused the Alewife Brook to flood the Alewife Brook Parkway (Route 16) in Arlington. Now, my commute doesn’t even take me down Alewife Brook Parkway, but it does intersect it at Massachusetts Avenue – and that’s where the trouble […]

Is It Just Me?

Or does anybody else find it disturbing that nurses commute to work on public transit in their nursing uniforms? I mean, isn’t the whole point of the uniform that whole sterility thing? Otherwise, why not just let them wear jeans? Yet almost on a daily basis I’ll see people commuting into work already geared up […]

Naked Monday

I feel so waterlogged. My normally 25-35 minute commute tripled itself this morning to an hour and a half as a result of the rain. Because things were so damp, the windows of the bus were all fogged up so I couldn’t see why were in stopped traffic for most of the way. But last […]

Chairman of the Bored

Randy and I attended our first annual condo association meeting last night. Out of 22 units, there were representatives for 12 units present (two by proxy, technically). It was a pretty straightforward meeting, and much more uneventful than the ones I attended in one of my previous condos. When Matt and I lived in Salem […]

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Despite snow¬†last Wednesday, we managed to make it out of Boston and catch our connecting flight in Philadelphia without problems. In fact, despite some delays in Philadelphia, we still arrived early at the Cancun airport. And unlike last year when we arrived midday, our evening flight allowed us to breeze right through immigration/customs. Note so […]


Why today? The past two days have been reasonably nice considering it’s been so stormly over the past month. In fact, the next five days look gorgeous by New England standards for the month March. Yet we’re not supposed to be flying out later this week. We’re flying out this afternoon…and it’s been snowing. And […]

It Takes a Village

Randy’s fall down the stairs aside, I don’t think I could be much happier with our new townhouse. I’m reminded of that at times like this weekend, where we had a friend from Portland visiting and we were able to walk within a few minutes to a decent restaurant for dinner. Better yet, we had […]