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…is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do. So Randy left yesterday for his business trip to Portland. As always happens when he travels, the first night is the easiest for not missing him. It’s kinda’ nice having the place to myself, watching what I want on TV, etc… And I notice that I can wake up in the […]

Olive Another, please.

Randy and I (along with a gaggle of friends) went to see the latest Ryan Landry play this weekend. This one was a spoof on the classic camp-fest, Valley of the Dolls. It was cleverly called Valet of the Dolls (Nealy O’Hara ends up being the face of a parking garage chain). Having seen the […]

Caribbean Queen

AHHH – I must admit that I wasn’t to excited about our trip to Puerto Rico. I had been so focused on the move (and the expenses associated with the move) that I was reluctant to spend any money on a trip. But since were found absurdly low airfares ($234 round trip) and used credit […]


Mid-October and snow is falling? That’s just wrong. Plain wrong. On the plus side, the crappy weather is supposed to get worse Saturday night into Sunday but we won’t be here for it. Realizing we’d be so exhausted from moving, a few weeks ago we planned a long weekend getaway (Saturday – Wednesday) to Puerto Rico. […]

Home, Sweet Home

It’s getting there! I Am Exhausted. Randy’s poor father arrived Thursday, not feeling very well (probably a combination of getting up too early, not eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and anxiety over flying) and after a brief nap, began helping us prep to paint out new place. Of the next five days he was put to […]

Painting Party

Personally, I don’t think the word “party” should ever be associated with any sort of labor, but since that’s what Randy is calling it, and I must admit it possesses a pleasant bit of alliteration, I will call it a party, too. Randy’s father arrived from Virginia yesterday and by the time I got home […]

Edamame Me

I’ve never been a trendsetter, nor have I been much of a trend follower. In fact, I like to pride myself on bucking trends. I never fell for Britney Spears when the young whipper-snappers thought she was all the rage. I didn’t particularly care for Pulp Fiction when everybody else was raving about it. But […]

We’re In!!

After two months of anticipation and close to a month of near daily stress (dealing with real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, lawyers, etc…) we’re finally settled into our new home. And I gotta’ say, I love it! Despite having double the space, we’ve managed to fill it up nicely with only the need to purchase […]

Patience (or lack thereof)

I’ve always been impatient. I love planning things (moves, trips, etc…) but I hate once the planning is complete and all that’s left is the waiting. And that’s pretty much been the boat Randy and I have been on for the past month or so. Complicating things is that I’m a bit rusty at moving.  […]