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Painting Party

Personally, I don’t think the word “party” should ever be associated with any sort of labor, but since that’s what Randy is calling it, and I must admit it possesses a pleasant bit of alliteration, I will call it a party, too.

Randy’s father arrived from Virginia yesterday and by the time I got home from work they’d already spackled the first two floors, installed a light fixture in a bathroom, assembled the dining table for the roof deck, and began taping the kitchen. Not too shabby.

The work continued after I got there and I nearly finished taping the living room/dining room in preparation for the painting party tomorrow. I also helped Randy install another light fixture in the guest bathroom. Today, Randy and his father will continue spackling/taping the third floor and will go out to purchase the paint.

From what I know, there will be a total of six people painting tomorrow. Our goal is to at least finish the first and second floors. If we make it to the third floor, woohoo!

On Sunday, we’re planning to drive to Newport to tour a mansion or two. We’ll also meet up with my parents down there so that they can finally meet Randy’s father. Should be fun. Now I would call that a party over painting…but what do I know?


  1. Comment by Jeffrey on October 9, 2009 4:36 pm

    Hope some of those hard drinkin’ Hobart College Boys are coming to this party.

  2. Comment by snarl on October 10, 2009 10:12 pm

    I used to think he was so cute….

    It saddens me to realize that this photo is nineteen years old.

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