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Edamame Me

I’ve never been a trendsetter, nor have I been much of a trend follower. In fact, I like to pride myself on bucking trends. I never fell for Britney Spears when the young whipper-snappers thought she was all the rage. I didn’t particularly care for Pulp Fiction when everybody else was raving about it.

But lately I’ve been digging edamame. I’d never heard of it until February of this year when I went to dinner at Wagamama with my friends, Ben, Brad, and Mark. Since then, I’ve always gotten it when I see it on a menu. Then, last weekend, I saw that they sold it (in bulk, of course) at Costco. WOO HOO!

So made some last night to go with dinner. It come in little bags so you can’t use a small portion and the rest remains protected in the freezer. However, I think I’ll need to learn portion control because I ate nearly the entire bag (sharing a few with Randy).

I’ve not done research, but I’m guessing it must be healthy. It is just soy beans after all…with nothing else on it except the salt I add to the surface. But, mmmm, is it good!

OK, it’s official. this must be my lamest post yet. I’m talking about beans (or is it a vegetable? a legume? a fruit?) Ugh.

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey on October 7, 2009 5:59 pm

    I bet I’m less trendy than you, I Ididn’t even know what edamame is. My dyslexic eyes instantly saw “Dame Edna”. What’s it like eating in a Wigwam anyway?

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