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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex…But Were Afraid to Ask

1. Ever been to a male strip club? Yes….in Montreal. I didn’t enjoy it. 2. Ever been to a female strip club? Never 3. Ever been to a bar? Ummm- is this for real? Yes, I have been to a bar. 4. Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club? Never 5. Ever […]

Excuse Me, You Missed a Spot.

That spot would be the inner ankle of my left foot. I went to Crane beach with Sven yesterday and had a great time. The temperature was perfect. It started off a bit cloudy, but the sun came out in full and we ended up staying from about 11:15AM until after 4:00PM. Being the cancer-phobic […]

Let the Fun Continue

First off….I’ve still got sinus pain. It’s not as bad as it was BF (before Flonase), but it does continue to a different extent. I wake up and feel fine for about 30 minutes and then the pain kicks in. It gets worse once I start walking. Remember that childhood toy called “Clackers”? It was […]

There’s Got to Be a Morning After

And there was! I had a great time yesterday. My work day was filled with phone calls, instant messages and emails wishing me a happy birthday. I had lunch at Finale with Ben and Brad before returning to work where the Human Resources department here threw me a little birthday party since I’m a department […]

Today’s the Day

As of 1:16 this morning I’m 35 years old. I’m offically in a new demographic (the 35-49 group….18-34 is now a distant memory). I had some very peculiar dreams last night, too. One woke me up shortly after my birth time (closer to 1:30 AM). In it, I was at my office and there was some […]

One Day Closer to Death

Although my birthday isn’t actually until tomorrow, I’ve already begun reflecting on this past year and it seems like my body has aged exponentially over the past 12 months. And yesterday was the icing on the (birthday) cake. I have now been prescribed Flonase. For allergies. I get to go into my 35th year with […]

Celebrate Good Times. Come On!

Kool and the Gang never popped by, but my parents did manage to surprise me with some Boston Creme Pie for my birthday while I was visiting with them over the weekend.   I was feeling like crap the entire weekend. My poor parents. You know it’s bad when Mom and Dad…approaching their mid-to-late 70’s…have […]

Politics as Usual

I was watching the CBS Morning News this morning. Well, I was getting my breakfast and walked into the living room to have my bowl of Smart Start and beer mug of orange juice when I noticed the news show was profiling Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. I never saw the introduction to this story so […]

Those damn crystal meth addicts.

This head cold/sinus congestion is the worst I’ve had since I was in Paris last fall. As with that time, I have be using the Sudafed tablets I had inherited from Matt after our break up. This time around, I went to CVS and bought a bunch of other sinus congestion remedies. Every box in […]

One Down, One To Go

One of my classes ended last night. It may be premature of me to write about this before final grades are submitted, but I suspect with the professor’s busy life he’s not spending much time on-line searching for blogs by his students. So here goes…my rant for the day. I liked this class. I really […]