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My Weekend at “Camp”

I was supposed to get together with Mike on Friday night, but he was too tired. Instead I ended up watching the massive storms roll through before calling it a night. Saturday was oppressively miserable. I did manage to go to the hospital and visit my sister-in-law for a while in the afternoon. She’s doing […]

Ready for a Change

I’m normally a man of routine. I hate change. I typically like things just the way they are and I avoid rocking the boat at all costs. But I have to say that I’m quite ready for a change….in weather. This humidity is just ridiculous. I don’t understand the (few) people who love this stuff […]

Time To Get Their Priorities “Straight”

In the early afternoon yesterday, I got an email from a friend that Lance Bass, of N’Sync, came out as gay. I’ve figured as much since the late 1990’s so, for once, it appears that my gaydar was actually working (I was hoping the gay one would have been his bandmate, Joey Fatone…but that’s a whole […]

But You Gotta’ Have Faith

…or not. Always one to make new friends, last night I met somebody I’d been chatting with for quite a while. He and I had a lot in common regarding (dysfunctional) previous relationships (his 15 years, mine 10 years), both being homebodies, both enjoying travel, etc…so It seemed a good time to finally put a face to […]

Monday Moments

My sister-in-law had her surgery yesterday. The whole point was to have her gall bladder removed because she’s been suffering extreme pain in that area. Well, she went under the knife and the surgeon discovered that her gall bladder was 100% healthy. They removed it anyway and she is now recuperating. Unfortunately, there were no […]

Planning…What’s the Point?

It seems like all plans I make lately never come to fruition. First the trip to Europe changed drastically the day before we went (ultimately costing me over $750 more than I intended to spend). Then the inn I was supposed to stay in during my visit to Provincetown last week screwed up my reservation […]

Always Planning

I was on the Cape last weekend living a life of debauchery in Provincetown. Now I’m heading back to the Cape again this weekend for a more wholesome time – visiting the parents. My friend, Peter, has offered to drive me down. The plan was originally to head down Saturday morning at 9AM. He contacted […]


What’s up with our homeboy G.W. giving an impropmtu back massage to the German Chancellor Merkel at the G-8 Summit? Those photos* are the creepiest things I’ve seen in quite a long time. It’s bad enough that she (the German Chancellor) shares a striking resemblence to Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter (at least, it’s how I […]

What’s a Few Pennies Here and There?

OK – I’ve been reading articles lately about the 4 doctors and nurses in New Orleans being charged with murder for euthenizing 3 patients after Hurriance Katrina struck. I’m alway reluctant to get to political because I don’t trust the media to be 100% accurate and there’s always a chance information is missing. But based […]

Oh, What a World

That song was on a CD I was playing as Fernando and I drove home from Provincetown on Monday so now it’s stuck in my head. But it also feels appropriate to this blog posting. I love Provincetown. There, I said it. I really do. Of all “places” I’ve blogged about, that one has been […]