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Oh No…Not Another one of THOSE!

Tuesday=a lazy day for me. So, I’m stealing one of those blog survey things and thinking less. You’d think that thinking any less than I normally do would mean I’m comatose…but my mind is really quite active. It’s my body that lags behind. 1 – Do you still have tonsils? Yes 2 – Would you […]

Hot Time, Summer in the City

I actually didn’t spend very much time this weekend in the city (of Boston, at least). On Friday night i went directly to Randy’s after work and then hung out with our friends Scott and Deano. We went into Arlington for dinner at some burger/rib joint (yum). An hour or so later, we drove to […]


That “ew” could refer to many things from this week’s news: Lindsey Lohan’s recent arrest, that guy from Big Brother/Big Sister who molested his little brother, astronauts taking off while drunk, the South Korean shot by the Taliban, the Dow Jones tanking yesterday. But for me, the bigger “ew” is this freaking humidity. It just […]


It took long enough, but my Mendocino pictures are finally posted in my photo gallery (see “Blog Roll” column on the right). It’s funny, despite all of my kvetching on the blog about there being nothing to do, the photos do make it out to be an attractive place. Then again, just because it’s a […]


Oh dear. Yesterday’s posting may have been a bit misleading. For the record, I have no intentions of packing up and moving back to San Francicso! I was just commenting that I allowed unrelated circumstances from my previous experiences there to cloud my judgement. Yes, I could see myself living there “someday”…but have no plans […]

Reaction, Retraction, and Satisfaction

I’m back from California and am finally caught up enough to blog. Overall, the trip was great. On Thursday afternoon* we ditched San Francisco and headed over the Golden Gate Bridge and up the coast to Mendocino. It was lovely…for all of 20 minutes. Seriously, there is nothing to do up there. People from the […]

San Francisco: Day 5

In a few hours, this vacation will be half over. Sigh. Yesterday was a good day. Randy headed off to the conference so I was on my own to explore the city. After blogging, I took the California cable car line up Nob Hill to my old neighborhood. I got off at California and Jones […]

San Francisco: Day 4

Has it really been that long? Damn, this vacation is flying by. Yesterday, as I blogged, I was feeling the worst I’d felt with this damn cold. I’m feeling a bit better today (functioning without drugs, even) and now that Randy is at his conference, I’ve got the freedom to go about at my own […]

I’ve Always Loved that Shirt on You….Every Time You Wear It

Our trip started off so well. Randy’s cold was getting better and he managed to get us upgraded to first class flying from Boston to San Francisco. Our flight attendant was incredibly attentive and he even gave me an extra cookie. Then things started to go wrong. First, the airline lost his luggage. We spent […]

A Reunion of Sorts

This trip to San Francisco has kind of just crept up on me. I mean, there wasn’t much planning involved. Randy got our tickets back in May – before we even went to Europe. His company coordinated the hotel for us (since they’re paying for it all). So, unlike most trips of mine, I’ve not […]