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San Francisco: Day 5

In a few hours, this vacation will be half over. Sigh.

Yesterday was a good day. Randy headed off to the conference so I was on my own to explore the city. After blogging, I took the California cable car line up Nob Hill to my old neighborhood. I got off at California and Jones and took in the hill top’s sites before walking two blocks to Bush – my old block.

It hasn’t really changed. There are some new shops and eateries, but it really looks the same (can’t change much when the entire block was already densely developed to begin with). My old building still stood there. The paint job looked less fresh than it used to…but new furniture was added to the lobby. Sigh…I stood at the front door for a few minutes and loads of memories came back to me. I wish I could have entered the building to see if the smells brought back any other memories.

After that little reunion, I caught the #1 bus to Lands End. This is about as far north-west as you can go in the city and the bus ride took forever (one of those typical rickety electric San Francisco buses with no air-conditioning).

But Lands End was as beautiful as ever. It’s basically paths that run along the cliffs facing the Golden Gate and Pacific Ocean. I took a break down a path I wasn’t supposed to be on and just sat along the edge with a panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge on my right, Marin Headlands straight ahead, Pacific Ocean a little further to the left and vertical cliffs directly to my left (and below me). Absolutely beautiful.

I hiked down one path to the beach and hiked up others to postcard perfect vistas. I was supposed to meet Randy back at the hotel room by 6PM but ended up arriving after him. I also realized that I’d forgotten to eat lunch.

So, we got together with two other (gay) colleagues of Randy (well, one is a previous coworker and other a colleague of Randy’s friend). These are the same people we went to Azul with the previous night.

Last night, with my cold feeling MUCH better, we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen then headed into the Castro for drinks at Badlands and 440 Castro (formerly “Daddy’s).

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for tonight…perhaps bars South of Market? As for the day, I’m thinking I’d like to go to the top of Twin Peaks.

Or I may just surf the net.

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  1. Comment by Zach on July 20, 2007 10:42 am

    Hi Karl,

    I hope you and Randy are having a great time.

    I want to visit San Francisco, but I will probably have to wait until at least next year. Sigh… It seems like a place I would enjoy. I love the photo of the Golden Gate bridge. If you see Evan and Roy, tell them I said hello. I met them once when they visited Randy a year or two ago.


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