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San Francisco: Day 4

Has it really been that long? Damn, this vacation is flying by. Yesterday, as I blogged, I was feeling the worst I’d felt with this damn cold. I’m feeling a bit better today (functioning without drugs, even) and now that Randy is at his conference, I’ve got the freedom to go about at my own (lazy) pace.

This also explains why it’s 12:30 in the afternoon and I’m sitting on the bed blogging. Though, I must say that we’ve already gone out for breakfast and done a little bit of shopping at Gap and Old Navy. I’m just resting before my next (solo) adventure.

Anyway, aside from feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, I did have a good time. We went to Lori’s Diner for breakfast (mmmm – Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries and a mountain of whipped cream that caught the stares of neighboring diners). From there we walked through/around the shops in Union Square before catching the classic F-trolley from the Ferry Building to, gasp, Pier 39 (tourist central).

We only went there for three reasons: 1) my parents wanted me to pick them up some “Route 66” patches they recalled seeing there (despite the fact that Route 66 doesn’t even come close to San Francisco), 2) the sea lions (there were only 5 of them since this was breeding season and they’re all out at see boinking like rabbits), and 3) In-n-Out Burger.

Yes, Randy dragged me to that nasty tourist trap neighborhood to eat fast food. Not just fast food, but fast food with Biblical versus printed on the bottoms of the cups and bags. Anyway, their menu has about 3 sandwich items: hamburger, cheeseburger, and double-double (double the meet, etc…), french fries (one size only), and shakes (chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. That is the entire menu. Yet there is some cultish California sub-culture of people who order things that aren’t on the menu, like Atkins (or protein) burgers (no bun) or a neopolitan shake (all flavors layered together).  Not a big beef eater, I had a grilled cheese (once again, not on the menu, but is something they sell and even have buttons on their cash register for).

Randy was in heaven. I was…well, I was in a fast food restaurants filled with tourists.   Funny how we could be in the same place yet see things so differently!

Last night we went to dinner at some pan-Asian place just outside of Chinatown on Sutter Street (E&O Trading Co, I think). It was quite yummy (loved their chicken, pear, and cucumber salad) but my cold was getting the best of me. After dinner, we met up with some of Randy’s colleagues (well, people in the “biz”) and hung out at this trendy hole-in-the wall lounge called, Azul.

It was nice…but by the end I was ready to sleep.

Now I’ve got to decide what to do today. I’d wanted to to go Lands End but the fog is still over there. I may start with a walking tour of my old stomping grounds before venturing further west. It’s amazing how the temperature the eastern half of the city can be sunny 78 degrees and the city just 5 miles away in the western half of the city (which gets the worst fog) can be 15 degrees cooler and dark.  I’ll just pack appropriately for this city: shorts, jacket, condoms.

Oh, and check out my Photo Gallery for the first load of photos (more to come).

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  1. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on July 18, 2007 12:17 pm

    Love the photos of the trip so far. SF is just a beautiful city, and you’ve have some magnificent views. I love the photo of the bay & TA building reflected through the wine glass — brilliant shot. Have fun & hope you’re feeling better by now!!

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