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The Same, but Different

I’m finding the produce situation in Japan to be quite interesting. For the most part, you can get the same things here that you can get in the states. In fact, I’m finding vegetables (and roots) I’ve never seen before so the options here may be even greater (though, the quantities, as I’ve mentioned before, […]

Hābādo Daigaku

Hābādo Daigaku no Coleman. Last week Randy and I started our lessons with the Japanese tutor. We certainly have a long way to go. For those curious, today’s Heading is “Harvard University” in Japanese. Because the Japanese alphabet doesn’t have certain sounds, the way they say Harvard comes off as Habado. In fact, it appears […]

Japan is a Confused Place

Now, I was going to type “Japan is a Confusing Place” for my heading, but then I realized that confused actually makes more sense. Don’t get me wrong, Japan is plenty confusing. The language seems to be a hodge podge of languages with alternating rules of nonsense. They drive on the “wrong” side of the […]

The Full Japanese Experience

Ok, up until now I’ve simply been a gaijin (foreigner) in Japan. However, thanks to our friends, Jason and Brett, we were able to experience a quintessential Japanese experience. There are actually quite a few such opportunities, really. There are the 9-story karaoke booths. There are Harajuku girls and rockabilly boys. There are earthquakes. This […]

What Is Home?

To celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary, and since Randy was exhausted after everything that’s been going on over the past six months, we decided to take make a long weekend and go away. Thanks to’s Explore feature, we found tickets to Busan, South Korea. Actually, we found tickets to Okinawa and Guam, too, but […]

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah

One month ago today we headed on over to Logan Airport and boarded our flight to Japan (well, via Toronto to  Japan). A full month ago. Within that time I’d say that we’ve successfully acclimated to life in Asia. Randy appears to have gotten his commute down pat (which wasn’t too difficult since we’re within […]

One Big Neighborhood? I Don’t Think So

I’ve said this before but it warrants repeating. Tokyo is massive. You can sense it as you ride the Narita Express train in from the airport and the urban sprawl envelopes you. You can sense it when you hop on a subway train, get off 20 minutes later and realize that you’re still in the […]