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The Case of the Incredibly Shrinking Head

What a day yesterday was. I woke up to sunny skies and reasonable temperatures – prompting me to wear jeans and thin long sleeve shirt to work. By lunch time around 1:00 PM, it was feeling humid outside (to wimpy ole’ me) and warm. I was regretting my clothing selection. Then the wind started picking up. People […]

I Drove All Night

Although not formal in attire (I didn’t have to wear a suit and tie), the memorial for my niece was quite formal in presentation. I had expected it to be a memorial similar to the one I had planned for my friend, Regina, back in April. We held that one at a church, but it […]

Deja Vu

Last night was eerily similar to last Tuesday night. I got home, I did laundry, I ironed shirts, I showered and shaved and I went to bed. Last week it was in preparation of my nieces funeral, last night was in preparation for her memorial. I confirmed with my sister-in-law yesterday that a suit and […]

Walkie Talkie

I’ve always been curious to see how much walking I do on a day-to-day basis. Then a few months ago I read a study about national obesity levels and how rarely people in this country actually walk places. People hop in their car to go to the corner market and even then circle lots for […]

Catching Up on Life

It’s Monday, it’s gloomy. But I don’t care. I actually had a good weekend. No hospitals, no deaths, cooperative weather, and a just the right amount of social activity. There were a few highlights. The first was a Friday night to myself. AHHHHHH. I had intended to pull out my old French book and audio […]


I know I’m going to get a lot of slack from Matt for using the title of a Barbra Streisand album as my blog heading today. But after this past year, I can take the ribbing. Last night as I was surfing the internet for porn…I mean researching my trip to Paris…a commercial came on […]

Fashion Victim

Here goes the third consecutive blog entry chronicling my fashion-challenged self. If you read my blog from the past few days, you’ll recall how I was absolutely clueless when it came to purchasing dress shirts. However, after two days and 5 different shops, I found some shirts that fit reasonably well. My other funeral preparations […]

Fashion Week

OK, so I know that Fashion Week in New York City already took place, but I guess I’m a little late seeing as I’m blogging about clothes two days in a row this week instead. First, I returned those two dress shirts yesterday. In doing so, I did some research. Apparently, any shirt with a size […]

Keep That Racket Down – I’m Trying To Iron In Here.

Most people probably won’t get that quote, but it was uttered by Divine in the movie “Hairspray”. My friend, Ruthie, and I used to say that every time we wanted somebody to shut up. For some reason, we thought it was hilarious that Divine needed such concentration (and silence) to iron. But I bring it up today […]

Acceptance…With A Bit of Humor

On Friday, September 16th, at 10:10 AM, Heather passed away. She was in the company of her parents and their pastor. The tubes and equipment were all removed at 10:05 so my brother and his wife had 5 minutes to hold her for the first time in years without the obstruction of wires and tubes. […]