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Is This a Cruel Joke?

26.9! Twenty six point nine! That’s how many inches of snow that has fallen in Boston despite the fact that winter hasn’t even officially started yet. That’s already nearly 10 inches more than we had all of last winter. Mother Nature sure is playing a cruel trick on us. Oh, and to top it all […]

A Desperate Plea to Hollywood

Ok, Hollywood, so I’m coming to your city next week and I need some help. You see, It seems that your studios are incapable of making a movie set in modern Boston that doesn’t focus on an adrenalized overblown seedy side of the city. For example, the most recent mainstream movies I recall having been […]

Now I Know Why Randy Had Me Move In

In less than one week we’ve had two snow storms. I’ve shoveled and/or snow-blowed for both of them. Now we’re expecting yet another minor storm tomorrow night. Granted, it’s just a few inches, but Randy is traveling (again) and this means that he won’t be participating in the clean up. With 17 inches having fallen […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

I do love that song. It’s one of the very few songs I enjoy no matter who performs it (it’s rare that I like a remake of a song – the only few I can think of off the top of my head are Hazy Shade of Winter, by the Bangles, and American Pie, by […]

You’ll Just Have to Imagine….

….how pretty our house looks with the snow and the Christmas lights. Randy took a bunch of photos last night with the snow covered trees and lights front porch…and then I left them at the house. I also left my cell phone there, too. I guess it wasn’t my morning. But it sure was pretty […]

It’s Just a Mall, People!

There’s been a lot of hoopla recently over an addition to the suburban Natick Mall. The renovation was so extensive it even resulted in a foofy new name: The Natick Collection. In addition to the added shops (all high end: Tiffany, Nodrstrom, Nieman Marcus, etc…) a residential component was incorporated. Yep, luxury condominiums are being […]

He’s At It Already!

Those of you who know Randy are fully aware that he’s a thrifty shopaholic. He scours the internet for deals, he purchases items only when on sale, and he returns 90% of the gifts you buy for him. Well, it’s getting worse. Now he’s returning gifts he’s bought for you! I swear! And I think […]

Already Feeling the Effects

The writer’s strike only started a month or so ago but I’m already feeling the effects. With Randy traveling so much over the past month, the DVR was filling up quickly every week with all of the shows we recorded. But last week we noticed about half as many shows being recorded. And so far […]

What a weekend! It all started Friday when Randy, Pete, Chris, and I went to the Ramrod Centre for the Performing Arts to see “Silent Night of the Lambs.” It was quite funny and campy…and in the end Randy and I even sat on Santa’s lap for a photo (above). Don’t you love his face […]

I picked Randy up from the airport after work yesterday. His flight from Tokyo even got in early. Last night we did what we do best: eat, watch TV, and sleep. I even cooked him dinner! Well, I baked a frozen pizza and microwaved frozen vegetables. But I did it all by myself! Tonight we’re […]