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You’ll Just Have to Imagine….

….how pretty our house looks with the snow and the Christmas lights. Randy took a bunch of photos last night with the snow covered trees and lights front porch…and then I left them at the house. I also left my cell phone there, too. I guess it wasn’t my morning.

But it sure was pretty out there yesterday! A nice (and light) heavy snow made everything so peaceful and pretty (well, unless you were one of the idiots who decided to drive to work yesterday knowing that a snow storm would strike hours before rush hour, in which case you were stuck in highway traffic until 9:30PM).

I’ve got to say, though, this does rather concern me. Boston gets snow annually. Multiple times annually. And despite this we couldn’t handle a simple, well-advertised bout of snow? (no winds, no flooding, no icing…just snow). What was the point of installing all of those “Evacuation Route” signs after 9/11 and Hurriance Katrina? It seems the signs are useless because in a real emergency (which yesterday was NOT), residents of the Boston area are shit out of luck.

For me, my 1.5 mile commute took an hour (more than double my normal commute) – but it wasn’t bad. A bit of walking, a bit of subwaying, a bit of busing).  I’m enjoying the snow again today (it’s still pretty, overall, especially with the sun shining). I suspect I’ll be tired of it by tomorrow, though. And now with an even bigger storm expected on Sunday (though mixed with rain), I think I’m ready for spring.

Or at least a trip to someplace warm.


  1. Comment by Will on December 14, 2007 1:46 pm

    In my experience, New England towns are far better than the cities at clearing snow from all highways, the heart of their business districts, including parking spaces, than the cities, in spite of having vastly less equipment. I was luckier than most in Boston as I lived just downhill from an older couple named Menino, whose son had what one might call “clout.” But others in my neighborhood often went extended periods of time without having their streets cleared

  2. Comment by karyn on December 16, 2007 8:26 am

    A nice light and heavy snow?

    Maybe it’s too early for me to grapple with that phrase. More coffee will be required.

    Also, what are the chances you’ll find yourself on a trip someplace warm? Oh right – I forgot . About 100%. POSTCARDS, Karl, POSTCARDS.

  3. Comment by snarl on December 17, 2007 8:55 am

    OOOPS – Heavy should have read “deep”.

    The additional 8 inches we got Sunday was VERY heavy and wet. YAY – snowblower.

  4. Comment by karyn on December 17, 2007 8:56 pm

    Why does it sound dirty when you say snowblower?

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