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A Learned Man

After much delibration, I’ve decided to attend that class. Stupidly, I enrolled at a graduate level which means more written work. But starting immediately I will be studying “Designing the American City: Civic Aspirations & Urban Form”  two days per week. I also ordered the books yesterday using a gift certificate my boss gave me […]

Signs of Aging

One of the signs of aging (aside from my expanding mid-region, my balding head, and my greying beard) is my decreasing ability to make decisions. I can see now why many people (myself included) believe that elderly should have their driving skills re-testing as they age. I mean, I notice now how my response time to […]

To Asia and Back…In 24 Hours

While the weekend started out like 95% of our weekends (game night with friends on Friday), the rest of the weekend was very unusual for us. We actually went on a date. I’ve blogged about this before, but it truly is rare that Randy and I actually go out for an evening. We typically stay […]

Yeah, It’s Done. But What’s Next?

It seems like every time we work on the condo, something else gets gets shortly thereafter. First we moved in (major accomplishment). The next weekend we painted. Upon completion, I thought “Phew, we’re done!”. But the following weekend we ended putting up the art. Again, I thought “Yay – now this place is done!”. A […]

The Blame Game

I’m stunned. I can honestly say that I don’t hate Scott Brown. I admire his ability to hold a belief and stick to it, unlike the other recent Massachusetts Republican, Mitt Romney, who says one thing while courting the vote, then changes his opinion once in office (gay rights, abortion, etc…). At least Brown has said […]

It’s Like American Idol but, Like, Real

So you better get your ass in gear and vote for our next U.S. Senator.  I went to our new polling place this morning before work and there was only a handful of people milling about. Hopefully things will pick up. It’s shocking to me to think that the election is this close. I mean, […]

Sporty Spice: Just Call Me Cinnamon

After a two (OK, you caught me, three) month hiatus, I’ve finally returned to the gym. Not just once, but twice this week! TWICE! I’ve even impressed myself. Though, I’m feeling it now. My arms ache, my chest aches. Worst of all, my abs ache. At night when I want to prop myself up to […]

Getting All Wet

Randy set up the humidifier in the master bedroom over the weekend since the dry winter air has caused the skin on his hands and feet to get dry and crack. Last night before bed I noticed that it was running on empty so I refilled the cannister and turned it on high so that by the time […]


I’m not sure what it is, but I realized this morning while commuting to work (listening to music on my iPhone) that I seem to have a thing for songs referencing the number seventeen. Seventeen, by Ladytron. This is what made me realize my fascination with this number. This might be one of my favorite […]


I feel like a vegetable today. And, as the last part of the word spells, my head was on the table (or desk) during my lunch today. Perhaps with some snoring and dribbling, to boot. You see, we caught the red-eye back from Los Angeles last night. And since I just can’t sleep comfortably on […]