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It’s Like American Idol but, Like, Real

So you better get your ass in gear and vote for our next U.S. Senator.  I went to our new polling place this morning before work and there was only a handful of people milling about. Hopefully things will pick up.

It’s shocking to me to think that the election is this close. I mean, how could the politician that conservatives considered the most left-wing liberal imaginable get re-elected over and over again and then suddenly the same demographic could potentially vote for somebody who holds polar opposite beliefs as the candidate they’ve chosen for 4 decades? I mean, I hear about all these people wanting “change”….but change is one thing, completely switching your ideology is another. And if you’re claiming it’s for lower taxes because that’s what Republicans are for…let’s look back at the 8 years of Republican rule and get a reality check.

I suppose universal healthcare could be a factor; at least, the version being proposed (I’m for universal healthcare, I just think they’re going about it all wrong). There was an article/graph in National Geographic about healthcare in industrialized countries and only the U.S. and Mexico didn’t offer it. EVERY OTHER “modern” country has it. Not coincidentally, the U.S. spent more per person per year on medical expenses/drugs  than any other country on the list. Even more interesting, more than half of the other countries had longer life expectancies, so don’t use the whole “they spend less in those countries because it’s harder to get medical care when you need it” excuse. If people are living longer, they must be getting the care they need.

OK, off my high horse.

Randy and I had a rather eventful weekend. Our washing machine imploded on us on Saturday night. For the past week it had been banging during the spin cycle. On Saturday, we did three loads. The first load was loud. The second load was louder and we had small white plastic chunks in the fabric of our clothes. The third load started off loud but got quiet. That’s because it completely stopped functioning before it finished. We opened the door to find the clothes soaking wet, and completely covered in white plastic pieces that stuck to everything.

So, on Sunday we went to the laundromat to re-wash the plastic-infused clothing (most of it came out). Then we researched washing machines and headed out to buy a new one.

Monday was a holiday for me (Randy had to work). He woke me to say good bye, but I was able to fall back asleep. When all was said and down, I slept for over 11 hours. I was shocked, and somewhat disappointed that I slept through half of my holiday. Oh well….

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey on January 19, 2010 5:35 pm

    I’m hoping the Scott Brown people are just the noisy minority. I did like his Cosmo centerfold though. Why anyone would vote for him is beyond me. If you’re that concerned about taxes, move to another state. and see how much it sucks.

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