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That’s the amount of my current electric bill. I really must be a cheap bastard because the last electric bill I received was in February. It was an estimate (around $150) and so I paid it in full. I apparently used much less than what they had assumed because I didn’t even get a bill for the month […]

Penny for Your Thoughts

I received an email yesterday from ZipCar asking if I would consider being interviewed for a segment on the CBS news about car ownership, gas prices and the alternatives to automobile ownership for city residents. It seemed customized to me (referencing my being a new member and how that’s the type of person they’re seeking […]

Clean As A Whistle

Well, I wouldn’t go that far…but on the surface, everything went well during my physical. I came in at 171 pounds with good blood pressure and pulse. I’m still waiting for the blood work to get back (cholesterol, thyroid, testosterone, etc…) but so far it looks good. And he didn’t yell at me for not […]

It Just Dawned on Me

…that I only have about three weeks left of school. In that time, I’ve got a 10-12 page paper due (single-spaced…ugh), a group project due, and a 5-6 page written final exam due. It’s times like these when I regret taking two classes while working full-time. During my performance review at work, I tried selling […]

How I Spent My Provincetown Vacation, by Karl

I feel like a 3rd grader writing about his summer vacation since I’m just going to write about the highlights from Mike’s and my little weekend getaway. We both over-packed because the forecast was so freakish. We picked up our little yellow Mini-Cooper on Thursday afternoon under bright and sunny skies and temperatures approaching 70. […]

I Can’t Handle the Guilt

…of causing my viewers to go blind. Despite my fondness for the retro Nagel-esque male profile that existed in the previous background (which didn’t even last 24 hours), here’s a more tame background. I must agree with all of you that the brightness was a tad disturbing – and in no way indicative of my dark […]

Hello world!

Well, the migration is complete. Here’s the new format of the blog…and hopefully it will be much faster! Comments/suggestions are welcome (although I’ll likely ignore your suggestions out of complete laziness).

Hump Day Blabbering

One of the classes I’m taking requires completion of a group project. I was randomly assigned Mark (Veselka Slut) to be my partner, along with another woman. We were all supposed to meet on Monday for lunch to go over the project. Mark and I showed up at the destination restaurant, but she didn’t. That […]

I Blame the Holiday

….for not blogging yesterday. I mean, how could expect me to blog on Patriot’s Day (one of those local holidays…like Evacuation Day or Bunker Hill Day). Still, if thousands of folks can run 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon that day, I should be able to provide a simple blog entry. Then again, apparently not. […]

Simply Heartbreaking

There is a heart-wrenching photo on the cover of the Metro and Boston Globe newspapers this morning of a 5 year old girl who was randomly shot while sitting on her front porch a few years ago. The accident caused her to become permanently paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. In the photo, she is […]