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An Appropriate Show for the Season

I got together with a bunch of friends last night to see Sweeney Todd at the Colonial Theatre (the stage version – not an advanced screening of the Tim Burton film with Johnny Depp). The theatre was only filled to half capacity. Well, the balcony and mezzanine were (being so high up I couldn’t see […]

Not Necessarily A-MAZE-ING, But Definitely CORN-Y.

This past weekend was full of challenges – but none necessarily bad. On Friday night we got together with friends for dinner and games (a card game called Hands and Feet). On Saturday Randy and I did a bit of shopping (getting me some gym gear….I’ve gone to the gym 4x in a 8 days!) […]

A Milestone

Okay, maybe it’s more of an inchstone…but Randy and I went to city hall yesterday and registered for domestic partnerships. We both entered into this “contract” with reservations, I must admit. But for very different reasons. You see, Randy is only entering into it for my dental benefits at work. In fact, he tried figuring […]


It’s a lazy, cloudy day so I’m doing a lazy blog: one of those “tell me about yourself” things. Here goes: Were you named after somebody? Yes, my first and middle name come from two uncles. However, my uncle is Carl so they changed the spelling of mine to be Karl so that people could […]

Where’s the Pre-Nup?

UGH. Randy is interested in signing on to my dental benefits because it provides double the coverage he could get from his plan at work. To do so, Harvard wants us to go to city hall and complete paperwork declaring us domestic partners. As I began looking into this, I noticed Harvard’s specific requirements. Apparently, […]

Muscles for Less

I did it. I joined a gym. After 13 months of Randy saying “you should really come to the gym with me, you should really come to the gym with me, you should really come to the gym with me, you should really come to the gym with me, you should really come to the […]

The Price of Gas

I’ve had a problem this week. I recently changed cereals from my beloved Smart Start to Kashi Go Lean Fart. I really do enjoy the stuff…it reminds me of an adult version of Sugar Smacks. There’s a similar taste and consistency, except it’s slightly less sweet and there are no fun cartoon characters on the […]

A Good Transition

I got together with some friends in Southie for dinner last night. They prepared these delicious turkey cutlets in a lemon/wine sauce with veggies and potatoes. YUM. I got home a little after 10PM and basically zonked out for the night. Randy is still on his business trip. He is scheduled to return this afternoon […]

Playing Gaymes

Has anybody seen the new ad campaign for the fragrance designed by Tom Ford (you know, the hot former-Gucci guy with the perfect stubble and hairy chest)? It’s prettery provocative! It shows a nude female’s mid section…completely shaved and glistening with oil….with a bottle of the perfume squeezed between her thighs (covering up her hoo-ha). […]

Oh, Just Shoot Me

Too late. I’ve already been shot: I got my annual flu shot at work yesterday. Technically, I wasn’t supposed to get it until next month because Harvard set aside October for only high-risk people (elderly, pregnant, or people with compromised immune systems). Despite feeling old (and acting MUCH older than my 36 years), I technically […]