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All the More Reason to Leave Early

I arrived in the office this morning only to discover the foulest of stenches. As I left yesterday, I noticed a slight smell in the hallway outside my office. I thought nothing of it since my building is prone to smelling a bit peculiar (kind of that 1960’s elementary school smell…you know the smell I’m […]

Feeling Powerless

Powerless is exactly how I felt last night. Randy and I were at his place watching the last two episodes of Heroes on Tivo when all of a sudden life went black. The power went out. It lasted all of 40 minutes…but during that time the temperature rose from 72 to 76 degrees. If the […]

Do I Smell a Revolt?

So, Lise…per your comment yesterday, what is wrong with my nose? Actually, I just threw that photo up there since I was rushing to implement the new blog and the new format provided a spot for a photo. I’m thinking I can be creative and post different ones there every day. Though, I must admit […]


Here it is: Adventures in Gastronomy 3.1 (since it’s had 3 previous incarnations…plus a temporary one for the past week that I refuse to consider a new version…hence .1). My next step is to add my flickr photo gallery (which may, or may not, appear to the right by the time you read this). Outside […]

You Can’t Stop Progress

This is an exciting time at Harvard Law School. The media keeps focusing on the stupid relocation of 3 Victorian era houses a few blocks up Mass Ave (which I honestly don’t understand; people have been moving houses down streets for centuries without modern technology….why is it such a big deal today?).* But for me, […]

Evidence of My Geekdom

I’m an architecture and urban planning buff. That in itself isn’t geeky (I hope). But I belong to an online group for Boston area architecture buffs (a forum where you post comments on existing and future developments, as well as public transit infrastructure). Mostly it’s a bunch of guys (no females, go figure) who rant […]

Expect More of the Same

I’m warning you now that I’m planning on ranting a bit today. And coming from ultra-liberal Massachusetts (something I’m actually extremely proud of), I suspect I’m going to be attacked for my opinion on this issue…but here goes. After a year long search for a new Boston Public School superintendent, the city has finally found […]


Be prepared for some spring cleaning on my blog! I was just notified that my “theme” (background) will no longer be available beginning at noon next Monday. On the plus side, Harvard is going to offer hundreds of other options. Even better, it’s going to provide for widgets in the tool bar on the right. […]

Some Poetry.

I tell you, I’m all about the class. And today I shall recite a poem from my childhood (the goal, back then, was to say this poem as fast as possible): Bobo, see Yott and Cotton Nay, nay and I am your boom boom Eeenie, meenie, Scott and Teenie Bobo and Yott and Scott Bobo […]

A Quick “Neener Neener Neener”, then Moving On

That’s it. That’s all of the rubbing in that I’m going to do. After 18 times that our state legislature has addressed same-sex marriage…numerous times even voting against previous incarnations of constiutional amendments…it gets rather exhausting. This time, it was actually…and finally…defeated by a vote (versus other procedural tactics that have taken place in the past). […]